4 Mouse Gesture Extensions For Google Chrome

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Here’s a list of 4 mouse gesture extensions for Google Chrome. Mouse gestures have become a popular method how some of the functionalities of certain programs can be controlled (where gestures are supported, of course). Extensions that I covered down below will let you add a certain degree of mouse control functionality into Chrome. You can control things like tab management, navigation, scrolling, web site loading and more. Let’s see what exactly Chrome Webstore has to offer.

Let’s see what exactly Chrome Webstore has to offer.

Gestures for Google Chrome

mouse gesture extensions chrome 1

Gestures for Google Chrome is a mouse gesture extension for Chrome where you can assign over 50 different web browser actions to mouse gestures.

Screenshot above shows a short list of just some of the actions that are available and can be configured to work with mouse gestures. Things like copying, making selections, closing tabs, opening tabs, web page movements, scrolling are just some of the actions that are supported. To trigger mouse gesture recording, you need to right click anywhere inside the Google Chrome window. Mouse tracking will kick in and you’ll be able to see the outline of the mouse gesture that you’re creating.

Get Gestures for Google Chrome.

crxMouse Chrome Gestures

mouse gesture extensions chrome 2

crxMouse Chrome Gestures is a mouse gesture extension for Chrome that’s very similar to the previously mentioned Gestures for Google Chrome. Gesture recording is triggered the same way, by right-clicking and holding down the right click.

One thing that is different is that a little less web actions are available to setup, but a couple of new ones are available. Screenshots and bookmark adding gestures were included, next to the standard ones like tab management, Windows management and navigation.

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mouse gesture extensions chrome 3

miniGestures is a much simpler when compared to the previously two mentioned mouse gesture extensions. In fact, the actions which can be seen on the image down below are the only ones that are available.

Mouse gestures can be setup using up (U), right (R), left (L) and down (D) mouse movement combinations. So looking at the image above, if you put RU for the reload mouse gesture, you would have to do an right>up mouse gesture to trigger website reload.

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smartUp Gestures

mouse gesture extensions chrome 4

smartUp Gestures could be considered a mix between miniGestures and Gestures for Google Chrome, because it is sort of in the middle between these two when it comes to features.

Available web browser actions which can be assigned to mouse gestures are the usual, for navigation, tab management, accessing options and a couple of more. It’s not quite basic like miniGestures, but also not as advanced as the other two mouse gesture extensions for Chrome that I covered.

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After playing around with the 4 mouse gesture extensions from the list above, the one that caught my attention the most is miniGestures. It’s perfect to me because it’s easy to configure, doesn’t have a lot of confusing options and all the basic Chrome web browser controls can be assigned to mouse gestures. Let me know what you think the best mouse gesture extension is in the comments down below.

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