5 Instagram Extensions For Chrome

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Here’s a list of 5 useful Google Chrome Instagram extensions. These Instagram extensions for Chrome allow you to easily use Instagram from inside your Google Chrome browser. With the extensions that we’re gonna be talking about here today everything from basic functionality like browsing, commenting and liking other peoples photos to more advanced stuff that was only introduced recently like searching and downloading Instagram videos can be done.

Search Instagram Chrome Extension:

There’s no mystery when it comes to what this Chrome extension does, the name gives it away. Search Instagram allows you to search through all the images that people have uploaded and posted to Instagram.

free instagram extensions chrome google chrome search instagram

To do that, you just need to type in the search term that you’re interested in, in the search box at the top of the app page and hit enter. List of images is gonna be shown down below and it’s gonna scroll automatically, which is kinda neat. Click on an image to open it up fullscreen. They are listed chronologically, newest first.

Get Search Instagram.

Instagram for Chrome

Instagram for Chrome is a full-fledged Instagram extension for Google Chrome which might as well become the official extension. The only thing that’s missing for it to become an official extension is backing from Instagram. After installing it an icon is added to the top right corner of the Chrome toolbar, where extensions usually show up.

free instagram extensions chrome google chrome video search-0

Interface of the Instagram app for smartphones is simulated, as you can see from the image above. To use Instagram for Chrome you’re first gonna have to login. After logging in, you’re gonna be presented with a list of trending photos from the Instagram feed. They’re gonna be shown as tiles. After clicking on a tile selected image will fill out the window of this extension. This is where you can then rate it, comment and read what other people have said about the selected photo.

Get Instagram for Chrome.

Instagram Video Downloader

Instagram Video Downloader is a free Google Chrome extension which lets you download Instagram videos to your computer.

free instagram extensions chrome google chrome instagram video downloader

Videos are downloaded simply by copy-pasting their URL into the “Instagram Video URL” box of the app page and clicking on the Download button. After that you should be presented with a download link. This service is still in beta so you might come across a bug or two.

Get Instagram Video Downloader.

Instagram Video Compilation

Instagram Video Compiliation goes along nicely with Instagram Video Downloader because it allows you to find currently trending videos on Instagram.

free instagram extensions chrome google chrome instagram video compliation

On the page of this app you will be able to see a list of all the popular videos that can currently be found on Instagram. By clicking on them you can also view them.

Get Instagram Video Compilation.

ClipStagram – Search Instagram Videos

We’re gonna leave you with another video Instagram extension for Chrome, only this one is for searching videos. Even though videos are still not very popular on Instagram, if you want to search what little videos that are available, you can use this free Google Chrome extension.

free instagram extensions chrome google chrome video search

Once you launch it you’re gonna be presented with a search page where you can type in the tag for which you want to perform a search. Video results are gonna be shown down below with thumbnails. Click on a video to view it.

Get ClipStagram – Search Instagram Videos.

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