5 Free Websites to Create TimeTable Online

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Here is a list of 5 free websites to create time table online. These websites let you plan all your classes, subjects; and create a timetable accordingly. Creating a timetable is both important and recommended as it helps you in scheduling things in a better way.  Especially during exam time, you can divide your time between different subjects, using a time table, and study accordingly. On these websites, you can add all your subjects, assignments that you have to do and make yourself a time table that will help you in reminding everything. Some of these websites also let you print your timetable.

The 5 free websites to create time table that I have reviewed here are My Study Life, ExamTime, Class Schedule Maker, CollegeRuled, and revisionworld.

My Study Life:

My Study Life-create time table-calendar

The first website that allows you to create time table is My Study Life. It is a very beautiful looking website with some very interesting features. You have to begin by creating a free account. After that, you can add all your subjects, classes, their timings, and other details. The added classes will appear in the calendar against their due date and time. The website also allows you to add all your exam details and other tasks like assignments, projects that you have to finish. These tasks and exams that you add also appear in your timetable or calendar. There are separate tabs for adding classes, exams, & tasks in your account, and you can view all the added information on your dashboard, under different sections. Overall, My Study Life is a very nice website that comes with all the useful features.

Try My Study life here.



Next website to create time table is ExamTime. This website lets you manage all your classes very efficiently. You have to add all your subjects after creating an account. After you add the subjects, you have to go to the calendar tab and add timings and date of different subject classes. Not only classes, you can also add exams, homework details and free time, to your calendar. This calendar is saved in your account and can be changed anytime. ExamTime is also a sort of social networking platform where you get in touch with your classmates and interact with them through messages. You can create groups to discuss among your friends and share information etc. Notes, Mind Maps, quizzes can also be created by you.

Try ExamTime here.

Class Schedule Maker:

Class Schedule Maker

The third website to create time table is Class schedule maker. It is a very simple and straightforward website and does not contain a lot of features. You can create time table in just few steps and print your class schedule. On top of an empty time table, there are two columns: Class Name and Class Color. One by one, you can type all your subject names, select a different color for each of them (helps in distinguishing) and place them in the calendar according to their day and time. Once your time table is complete, you have the option of printing it out. Overall, the website keeps things very simple yet helpful. One noticeable missing link is that the time table does not include Saturday and Sunday.

Try Class Schedule Maker here.



CollegeRuled is the fourth website where you can create time table for free. Compared with the other websites mentioned above, this website also offers very similar features. You can add as many lectures, exams, or assignment details as you want, in your calendar. A separate line for every subject is given, along side your calendar. Just add all your subjects in provided lines and save them in your calendar. One thing that you have to keep in mind is, while adding subject names, just type their abbreviation and a three digit code. Lastly, like ExamTime, this website also allows you to find your classmates and create groups among yourselves.

Try CollegeRuled here.



The fifth and final website to create time table is revisionworld. This is a very interesting website that contains a lot of other features as well, apart from letting you create a time table. The “My Timetable” tab in your account provides you with a calendar, wherein you can add all the details. This calendar is specifically made to create time table of all your revision sessions during exam time. You can add as many exam sessions as you want in this revision time table. The timetable that you prepare can be edited anytime and can be saved in PDF format. You can also email your time table to a friend of yours.

Try revisionworld here.

So, try out all these schedule maker websites and create a timetable for yourself to manage all your classes.

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