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FatPaint is a full featured free online graphic design software with support for doing layered painting, vector drawing, photo editing and page layout. FatPaint completely runs inside browser.  As far as I know, Fatpaint is the only Flash based painting and drawing software with full support for pressure sensitive Pen Tablets.

The tablet support is enough reasons for any serious graphic artist to choose Fatpaint instead of the other online graphic applications, but the competitors also lacks the advanced vector drawing and page layouting features of Fatpaint and a lot of other usefull stuff. Such as the 980+ fonts, 3000+ vector clip arts that can be used as brushes, the 15.000 public domains images, the extensive internet searching features and the integration with Zazzle.com.

Anyone interested in making designs for t-shirts or other Zazzle merchandise, will really benefit from using Fatpaint, because of the easiness of previewing the graphics on t-shirts and the other Zazzle products. Usually, it’s quite time consuming to be exporting images manually from f.ex. Photoshop into Zazzle. It’s not something you would be doing every 5 minuttes.

In Fatpaint you can be previewing all the time without spending much time with it. The transfer of files to Zazzle is done for you. It takes around 3-5 minutes to create a text slogan, add a few paint strokes and preview it on a t-shirt. People that spend many hours designing t-shirts using a conventional desktop design software are going to save many hours by using Fatpaint to make their designs, personally, I have never been this fast at doing a t-shirt design as now.

Fatpaint has built-in thousands of graphical resources such as clip arts, fonts, brush sets and public domains images.According to developer of Fatpaint,  Fatpaint has more drawing and painting features than any other online graphics application.

Despite so many features, FatPaint is very easy to use and quite intuitive. Here is a quick tutorial that shows how to create a mug with your own design on it:

You can check out lot of other tutorials here.

Based on what I have seen, Fatpaint is the only real online, browser based alternative to desktop graphics design programs (Desktop publishing), because it has support for arranging objects on pages. It’s a pretty standard feature within the field of graphics design applications, to have support for doing page layout, so you should look for that when making your choice.

Usually, online graphics applications are very simple and limited in comparison with their desktop counterparts, but that is not the case with Fatpaint. It reminds more of a full blown desktop application. It’s a pretty advanced piece of software. New users should expect to spend some time to get to know the application, just like it’s necessary with any other advanced desktop graphics software.

Like most desktop publishing applications, you can use Fatpaint for making designs for brochures, flyer’s, and other paper print products. The big difference is that Fatpaint is fully integrated with Zazzle, a leading supplier of customizable print products. So when you finish creating the graphics, ordering print products is just a few mouse clicks away.

We had written about FatPaint earlier as GfxEditor, but since then it has been re-branded as FatPaint. When I tried it again this time, what I really liked was low memory usage. FatPaint is quite a feature rich application, and that can sometimes translate into resource intensiveness as well. However, in my tests, FatPaint never exceeded 300MB of memory usage. That is quite amazing considering the feature set provided by Fatpaint.

Apart from that, browser compatibility of FatPaint has improved a lot. I did all my testing on Google Chrome, and was able to use all the features of FatPaint easily.

All in all, FatPaint is the most advanced web based drawing, painting, and photo editing software that I have come across.

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