UltraVNC: Free Open Source Remote PC Control Software

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UltraVNC is a very popular free and open source software to remotely control a PC. Using UltraVNC, you can remotely connect to a computer, and work on that with your keyboard and mouse, as if you were working on your own computer. You can even transfer files to remote computer, and have a text chat with owner of that remote computer.

UltraVNC is a very easy to use remote PC control software. It is completely free and open source. UltraVNC is a very good option for remote PC support, and Remote Desktop Control.

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Here are some of the features of UltraVNC:

  • You can remotely connect to a PC.
  • Transfer files to remote PC.
  • Control remote PC with your keyboard and mouse.
  • Free Encryption plugins are available so that all the information transferred between you and remote computer is completely secure.
  • UltraVNC can be installed as a Windows service, so that it starts whenever Windows starts. This is useful to provide unmonitored support to remote computer.
  • UltraVNC comes with multiple authentication options so that you can select how you want to be authenticated on remote computer.
  • UltraVNC supports Auto scaling and Server Side Scaling, Multiple-Monitors-support,Repeater/Proxy-support, and Auto reconnection.

How to Use UltraVNC:

It is extremely easy to use UltraVNC. UltraVNC has 2 components:

  • UltraVNC Server
  • UltraVNC Viewer

If computer A needs to remotely connect to computer B, then you install UltraVNC Viewer on Computer A, and UltraVNC server on computer B. I found some very good installation instructions for UltraVNC here.

To make it easy for remote computer, UltraVNC comes with a nice plugin called Single Click that makes it installation of server on remote computer just a one click process. The plugin also deinstalls UltraVNC when your work is over. This is useful when you need to provide remote support to some computer on ad hoc basis.

On the Viewer side, UltraVNC also comes with a Java viewer that can be used from any browser, which means you can provide remote support from any OS. This browser based viewer provides file transfer as well, but has limited features. If you just need to remotely access files from your computer, you can use another open source software called FeelHome.

UltraVNC is a really good remote PC control software. If you need to connect to your computer, your friends’ computer, or even provide some remote support to your customers, UltraVNC is a good choice.

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