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[Total: 0 Average: 0]’s CloudStack Community Edition is an open source Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) software platform that allows users to build, manage and deploy compute cloud environments. The community edition is licensed under the GPLv3 and offers a leading open source software stack integrated with the open source Xen and KVM hypervisors.  The mission of CloudStack is to open up the extension and development of the product so it can advance free and open source infrastructure cloud computing technologies. is committed to providing interoperability between cloud platforms, taking an open, transparent approach to application development and integration. In addition to CloudStack Community Edition’s support for industry leading cloud APIs, the company is also committed to providing an open and well-documented API framework to enable portability, flexibility and serviceability of applications running in the cloud.

Cloud CloudStack Community Edition

CloudStack Community Edition delivers several benefits including:

  • Massive computing power – providing virtually unlimited CPUs on-demand, as required and billed by actual usage in public, private or hybrid deployments.
  • Powerful API – Easily build, integrate and use applications based on common cloud APIs like Amazon’s Web Services API, Citrix Cloud Center™ (C3) API and the vCloud API
  • Secure Cloud Computing – Isolating compute, network, and storage resources by user, location and deployment.
  • Comprehensive Service Management – Defining, metering, deploying and managing services to be consumed within your cloud.
  • Automated resource distribution – delivering capabilities to automate the distribution of compute, network and storage while adhering to defined policies on load balancing, data security and compliance.
  • Real-time visibility and reporting capabilities – ensuring compliance, security and comprehensive metering customer usage.
  • Simplified management – empowering administrators to offset the daily management of services to the end users with a powerful self-service portal that gives the day-to-day management tasks to the user, enabling administrators to focus on more business critical issues while giving the client more control and agility over the service by providing a catalog of custom built and pre-defined machine images.

CloudStack Community Edition is a good way to start Infrastructure As A Service deployment in your organization.

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