Instant Messaging Client for Text, Audio and Video Chat: TalkAurora

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TalkAurora is a free instant messaging client for Windows which allows you to easily conduct text, audio and video chat sessions with your friends, family, work colleagues, anyone and everyone basically. This is a free IM client, which uses its own network for establishing communication between users. Main advantages of TalkAurora are its focus on privacy and security and also the fact that you can create chat rooms for group instant messaging sessions.

TalkAurora default window

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Desktop client of TalkAurora can be seen on the image above. To be able to login and use this free instant messaging service you’re gonna have to register. While TalkAurora is in beta development you can create up to 5 accounts. For the time being this is the only limitation of TalkAurora. Menus are available at the top of the window, while down below you’re gonna see your contact list. Interface is very compact, and the entire application is very lightweight with less than 5MB in size. Key features of this free IM client are:

  • Easy to use and setup – everything is easily accessible
  • Chat rooms – create chat rooms where you and your friends can chat
  • Password protection – created chat rooms can be password protected
  • Join existing chat rooms – hundreds of chat rooms are available
  • Find tool for looking up existing users on the TalkAurora network
  • Use text, audio and video – everything is supported even drawing
  • Improved security and privacy – exchange messages safely and securely

A lot more interesting features can be found in TalkAurora, but what’s most interesting about it is the fact that it puts privacy first. Organization which stands behind this free IM client is a huge proponent of human rights and for this reason their main focus is on maintaining user communication safe and secure. Here’s a few pointers to help you get started.

How to send instant messages and create chat rooms with TalkAurora

After you start this free IM client, you’re gonna be offered with a registration window where you need to enter nickname that you plan on using, email address and so on. Once you login, start adding contacts by selecting Services >> Find User.

TalkAurora chat categories

With contacts added to your list you can start a chat by double clicking on their nickname. To create a chat room you need to select Chat >> Create Room. Existing rooms can be accessed by clicking on the Chat >> Show Categories, see image above. Find a room there that you find interesting, select it and then click on the Join button.

TalkAurora chat room

This is how the chat windows looks like. Down below you can activate audio and video, or write messages in the empty area next to the Send button. List of contacts is on the right, and messages are gonna be shown above the message input field.


TalkAurora offers a great way of how you can set up a free and secure instant messaging sessions with your friends, colleages and loved ones. It works fast, is easily setup and offers a lot of interesting features. If you’re not satisfied with your existing instant messaging client, give TalkAurora a try. Free download.

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Works With: Windows
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