Angry Birds Theme For Windows With WallPaper, Start Button, Logon Screen

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Angry Birds Skin Pack is a completely free Angry Birds Theme for Windows 7 that modifies your desktop with Angry Birds theme, background sounds for it, beautiful icons and more. The skin pack also contains wallpapers for your desktop and shortcuts on your desktop. Almost everything on your PC is customized by this Angry Birds theme. From the moment you start your PC,  an Angry Birds logon screen appears, and there are a lot of other display changes that you will recognize.

This Angry Birds theme can become very popular, especially among kids. The desktop icons, background music etc. are all designed to give you an Angry Birds environment. Since the Angry Birds game in itself is so popular, you will able to associate with all the voices in the background and the icons. Let us see in detals what all this skin pack contains.

Angry Birds Skin Pack-angry birds theme-angry birds theme

I have given the link to download this Angry birds skin pack at the end of this article.

Download And Enjoy Angry Birds Theme for Windows:

Once you download this Angry Birds theme, you will have to reboot the system to activate it. The first change that you will witness is the Angry Birds logon screen on your system. The display is completely different when you reach your desktop. The desktop icons are designed in Angry Birds colors, the start button of your PC also carries an Angry Bird face. Every time you perform some action, a music plays in the background.  There are a few different Angry Birds wallpaper as well that you can choose from.

Angry Birds Skin Pack-angry birds theme-start button

One very important feature of this Angry Birds theme pack is that it provides you a Rocket Dock on your desktop. Rocket Dock contains shortcuts for drives, folders etc. that you visit constantly in your system. The icons of these shortcuts are also designed as Angry Birds faces. The good  thing about this dock is that you can customize it according to your needs. You can edit the default shortcuts and add the ones that you want. You can also re-position this dock anywhere on the desktop you want. There are many more things that you can do in this dock like:

  • Re-size the icons on the dock
  • Choose an icon from a list of icons, for your shortcut
  • Choose different themes for your dock
  • Auto-hide, lock items on your dock
  • Change title font of shortcuts in the dock

Angry Birds Skin Pack-angry birds theme-dock

Key Features

  • Contains Angry Birds logon screen
  • Provides a dock on your desktop
  • Choose from different wallpapers
  • Provides background music
  • Angry Birds face start-up button
  • Customized cursor and desktop icons
  • Customize your dock


After I installed this theme on my PC, the theme ran fine for sometime. When I tried uninstalling it, it crashed my PC. So, use with caution.

Final Verdict

In terms of features that it provides, this Angry Birds theme is fantastic. Without any doubt, you will enjoy every provided feature. But, the disheartening factor is its display font; it looks very old and feels like you are working on Windows XP. If this is worked out and the display font is made to look more in sync with Windows 7 like display, it would be great.

Try this Angry Birds skin pack here.

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