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AddressBookONE is a free address book application. It is an online address book that enables you to gather your various contacts into one single place. The free address book software will help you to sync your various contacts stored in different destinations like your work email, social networking sites, MSN and various other sources. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to search for a particular contact from various sites since your contacts are scattered across the web sites and portals. This freeware will give you independence of maintaining contacts at one single place.

In today’s world, we have so many contacts like friends, family and business contacts, which we really cannot afford to misplace. Main problem arises when you can not access a contact as you don’t remember the source where you saved it. In this scenario, AddressBookONE comes to your rescue. This free address book is very easy to use and will create one single point from where you can access all the contacts that you have stored in Yahoo, Facebook, LinkedIn and many others. You can also read Cliqset to integrate all your social networking accounts in one place.


The free address book software supports access of the contacts from many popular sources that are used by people around the globe. For example if you have contacts scattered in your mail accounts like Gmail, social networking site like Facebook and business contacts like some in LinkedIn and you find it difficult to access the contacts due to so many sources, than you must use this very handy and free web portal AddressBookONE. The address book application aims at helping you with managing your contacts in a better way. You can read our article on Pop Peeper which helps you to access multiple email accounts at one place.

The application not only helps you gather connections from the websites but also helps you to synchronize the contacts from your cell phones and PDAs. There are contacts in our phones that need to be managed well, easily accessed and constantly updated. You can synchronize the AddressBookONE with your phone or PDA and manage them easily, while they are always available to you. You can also read OutSync and Nomee to synchronize your email and social networking contacts.

The main working of the freeware is to bring together your contacts which are scattered here and there and then help you to organize them into identifiable categories so that they are accessible to you. Since the application is a web portal you can connect to your AddressBookONE from anywhere in the world. The single web portal will help you to access your contacts no matter where they were saved, from next time when you want to use a contact just connect to the site. Or else you can synchronize the application with your cell phone and PDA and access the contacts when you wish.

Features of free address book software:

Single access point: all your contacts are gathered in this web portal for easy access

Merge different fields of the same contacts and avoid duplicate entries and redundancy; to give a more complete single view for each contact record and eliminate duplicate data

Synchronize your cell phones with the freeware

Connect and sync your social networking site’s contacts from LinkedIn, Exchange and Facebook

Manage your contacts like add news ones, update existing contacts, organize contacts in groups and categories and filter contacts

AddressBookOne overall is useful for people who have lots of contacts stored in different locations and they need to access their contacts frequently. With this app they will not have to sign into different accounts to find the contacts.

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