5 Tricks To Remember Spellings

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Here is a list of 5 tricks to remember spellings.

Learning spellings can sometimes be a really tricky task. With all those words that sound similar and look-alike, this imperative task becomes really difficult. Students of young age also find it difficult to learn spellings that are too long. For all such, and many other, words there are tricks made available on the Internet that can help you out in easing this task. You might take a little bit of time in getting habitual to these tricks, but once learnt they prove to be quite useful. I have put together 5 such tricks in this article that will help you in learning various spellings. All of them have been mentioned below.

tricks to remember spellings

Break The Word:

Memorizing the words in not necessarily a healthy trick to remember spellings. With so many variations and exceptions, memorizing a word without understanding it proves to be futile. Thus, it is essential that you understand the word. This will enable you to remember the spelling forever. One way of understanding a word is to break it. You can break the prefixes, suffixes, root and practice them separately to learn the whole spelling. For example:

Disappearing can be broken into Dis-ap-ppear-ing

This trick will help you learn the spelling of difficult words very easily.

Attach A Picture:

When we attach some additional information with a particular thing, it becomes drastically easy to remember. Unknowingly we apply this technique at a lot of places in our daily lives. Same can be done while trying to remember spellings as well, especially while remembering words that look or sound similar. For example while learning the words like Desert & dessert, it can be difficult to remember which word has two s’s. Now attach a picture to both of them. Got it?

Make A Sentence:

Another trick to remember spellings can be making some easy sentences for every word. The first letter of every word in this sentence should be used to make the entire word. For example:

Arithmetic- A Rat In The House Might Eat The Ice Cream

Make sure the sentences you make are interesting and easy to remember.

Spell The Word Properly And Do Not Use Spell Check:

Spelling the words properly in no real trick; it’s just a habit that needs to acquired. Most of the times we choose to ignore the basics and tend to exaggerate our problems. The same happens while learning spellings as well. If you do not spell the word correctly, you will never learn its correct spelling. So make sure you are spelling the word correctly. All the good dictionaries will always mention how to spell a word, along with their meanings.

Combined with the art of spelling the words properly, another problem that deviates us from the path is Spell check. Spell check has become a very common feature in all the software. But, it is not perfect. Sometimes, you will end up learning the wrong spelling. And in any case, technology should not be a substitute for hard work while learning.

Practice Constantly:

Practicing a word constantly is another important essential to remember the spellings you learn. All the above mentioned techniques will help you in learning spellings, but if you do not practice them constantly, it will eventually disappear from your mind. This is true especially for uncommon and tricky words. So, make sure you practice the words on a regular basis by taking part in different spelling tests, by reading more and more material, etc.

It is not hard to say that one trick can be applied to learn every single word. Each trick has its limitations and is more useful for certain kind of words. So, try out all these tricks as they suit and give us your feedback.

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