5 Tricks To Remember Names

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Here are some tricks to remember names easily.

Has it ever happened to you that you just met a person and forgot to remember their name? I will be amazed if your answer for this question in NO. I say this because a lot of us, well most of us, go through this. We all feel that this got to do something with our own nature. That we are forgetful and do not pay proper attention while meeting someone. I will not say that the latter half of it isn’t true. But, the former half, that only we suffer from this problem, is false for sure. This problem persists with a large chunk of people of all ages.

However, it will not be correct to blame yourself entirely. With so many distractions around and thoughts going on in our mind, it is quite normal to not pay attention while listening to someone’s name. Another argument in our defense would be that in this day and age when so much is going around us, memorizing something has become a difficult task.

As much as we try to defend yourself, it cannot be denied that remembering names is not that difficult, and helps in gaining a small emotional advantage. Remembering a name of some prospective client you just met, and later on addressing them by their name, does make them feel that they are important to you. You gain an advantage over your adversaries.

There are small tricks that can be practiced to remember these names. Let me help you out by mentioning 5 such tricks below.

Tricks to remember names

Listen Carefully

One of the main reasons we forget the names of people we meet is because we did not listen to them properly in the first place. When we meet someone, there is so much going on in our mind that our mind does not pay proper attention while listening to their name. Things like what you are going to say next, what’s happening around you, tend to divert our mind. So, next time you meet someone make it a point to listen to their name properly.

Repeat Names When You Meet

“John: Hello, my name is John”. “You: Hi John, nice to meet you”. Repeating the name of the person you just met helps you in remembering their name. Your will be able to connect your brain with the name. To make sure the connection is stronger, try repeating the name a few times during that initial conversation. Just make sure you do not exaggerate it.

Spell out the name:

Requesting someone to spell their name, especially if it’s an unusual name, will also help you remember their name. This helps you in creating a visual memory of that person in your mind.

Going by a popular quote, we only remember 20% of what we hear. But if we hear something with proper attention and hear it on more than one occasion ( which will be the case if you tell someone to spell their name) the percentage increases significantly. Try to couple it with some written information like a business card and your mind will make sure that the name is completely imbibed.

Mark The Distinctions:

Every person you meet has something different from others. It can be anything from their curly hair, to their eating habits, to the place they live, or something else. These differences can be used by you to remember their names. For example ” The curly-haired Matt”. Such, and many more, distinctions can be very helpful in remembering the names.

While you are marking these distinctions, just make sure that they are permanent or at least cogent in nature. Another thing to be remembered is that you should not mix up between two people. Make sure you do not associate two different people with a same feature.

Form Connections:

Forming a connection is another helpful trick to remember someone’s name. But what does it mean? Suppose you meet a person whose name is Tom. It so happens that one of your favorite actor, or singer, or some other celebrity goes by that very name. So, you connect their name with that celebrity, and the next time you meet the same person you will not find it hard to recall their name. It can be said that forming a connection can be a little difficult initially, but it is fascinating how efficiently it works in the long-term.

Such tricks can surely help you out in improving your memory and getting better with names. The important thing is that you do not require to make any big changes or change the way you meet people. These are just small things that need to be kept in mind and acted upon. As you grow habitual to them, even that little hard work is left out as it becomes a part of your daily habits. Try them out and let us know how much you benefit from them.

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