5 Number Learning Apps For Android

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Here’s a list of 5 number learning apps for Android which you can use to get your little ones to learn numbers.

Math is very important in school, and is the cornerstone of education, but unfortunately it’s one of the most disliked school subjects ever. If you’re having problems with your first graders wanting to learn numbers, perhaps it’s a good idea to try to serve math learning as a fun Android app. Here are some apps that you can use to try.

Kids Learning Numbers Lite

Kids Learning Numbers Lite is a collection of 3 number learning games for Android which hide math learning in fun to play games.

number learning apps android 1

Image above shows the pattern matching game, where the goal is to fill in the missing number from the sequence above. On top of this, you also get number tracing (to help kids remember shapes of the numbers) and counting game where number of objects on the screen is counted with the help of a guide. Paid version of the app gets 4 additional games.

Get Kids Learning Numbers Lite.

Learning Numbers for Kids 0-20

Learning Numbers for Kids is a number learning game for Android that helps kids learn number 0-20 using flash cards. number learning apps android 2 4 card are showed and a voice asks to select a particular number. When the number is selected it’s focused in and read out once again to help memorize it.

Get Learning Numbers for Kids 0-20.

Kids games: learning numbers

Kids games: learning numbers has a very interesting approach to help kids learn numbers.

number learning apps android 3

App has a learning mode and two number learning games. Learning mode can be seen on image above. You need to tap and match up the numbers as they come up.

In the game modes, you’ll have to find all the numbers that are asked of you, in other words, number matching again. Each time a number is selected it’s read out, to help with understanding.

Get Kids games: learning numbers.

Kids Learn Numbers Train Lite

Kids Learn Numbers Train Lite is a number learning app where you first practice using a train with numbers on it. number learning apps android 4

Alternatively there are counters that help you practice numbers up to 20. These can be seen in action on the image above. Each square has a number on it with a representation of the number using various items. As you tap on a square, the number is read out to you.

Get Kids Learn Numbers Train Lite.


Numbers teaches kids number using simple flash cards, it’s nothing that we haven’t seen up until now, but what makes Numbers great is that it has a flash card editor. number learning apps android 5 You can create your own cards and then record a reading of the card. This is useful if you want to setup flash cards for larger numbers for your little ones. Get Numbers.


This is gonna be another one of those situations where it’s difficult for me to pick a favorite. The best I can tell you to pick one and see how it goes. Start with Kids games: learning numbers, and let us know what you think in the comments section down below.

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