Track TV Shows on Android with These 5 Free TV Shows Tracker Apps

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Here are some best free Android apps to track TV shows on your phone. Here these apps let you choose a TV series from the list and then lets you mark the episodes or seasons that you have watched. You can see the overall progress of the shows from the dashboard and do more. Apart from tracking shows, some of these apps also show you the date and time for their upcoming new season or episode. Also, in the following list, I have added some simple apps as well in which you will have to manually add the information about the TV shows that you are watching.

If you are a TV shows addict then these app will be very useful. Sometimes we forget on which episode we were on a specific TV show. If you keep a tracker with you then you will never forget you progress on a TV show. And in the following post, I will talk about 5 such apps that you can use to do that. The following apps let you discover TV shows and then add them to your watchlist. You can specify the number of episodes and seasons that you have watched and simply keep updating that as you proceed further in the show. Apart from tracking, you can use these apps to discover new trending shows and add them to your watch list, read reviews.

Track TV Shows on Android with These 5 Free TV Shows Tracker Apps

5 Free TV Shows Tracker Apps for Android:

TV Series – Your Shows Manager

Tv Series free app to track tv shows

TV Series – Your Shows Manager is one of the best free TV shows tracker app that you can use. Here it lets you discover your shows and then let you mark their status. It offers you a very intuitive interface where you can add TV Shows you are currently watching and track them by marking the episodes that you have watched. here this app also lets you discover new and trending TV shows according to their popularity. You can simply select the TV shows by simply searching in the app and then keep tracking. There is an “Upcoming” section too that you can use to see which episode you have to watch next from your collection. It saves the list of shows in alphabetical order.

You can use this app by creating an account and save your data in cloud. This will be helpful as your data will be synced automatically across different devices. But if you want then you can use this app without signing up for an account. Just get it and then use the Explore section from the sidebar to search for the show to add in your watchlist. And after adding them in the list, you can specify how much you have watched that show. While searching for shows, you can use them according to their genre like adventure, sci-fi, mystery, romance, etc.

TV Time

TV Time free tv shows tracker for android

TV Time is quite a popular TV series tracker app that you can use. Here it allows you to search for the TV shows and then add them in your list. You can explore new shows according to their popularity, watched by friends, top matches for you, most binged, etc. This app lets you create an account and you can discover friends and follow them. You can see their interests as well. The app has an intuitive interface where you can add a TV show and its progress.

You can keep marking the episodes as watched as you watch them. And this way, you will always keep track of a specific show. It also adds a progress bar on the thumbnail of the TV shows that you have added in your watch list. The user section can be used to search friends. And to add shows, simply tap on the “+” from the “Watchlist” section. Above, you can see the screenshot of this app.


Showly free tv shows tracker for android

Showly is a straightforward TV shows tracker app for you. It simply lets you discover your favorite shows and you can track them easily with the help of the intuitive interface that it has. Find the shows that you like to watch or you are currently watching to add them in your watchlist. Next, specify how many episodes and seasons you have watched. The app also allows you to mark a TV series as started and once a show completes, it can be placed in the watched section. Overall everything is similar that I have explained for all the other apps in this list. Apart from tracking shows, you can discover new shows and read their synopsis and see the images too. However, the app sometimes loses the internet connectivity. And if that happens then simply refresh the page and then explore the TV shows from around the world.

Track Show

Track Show TV shows tracker

Track Show is a very simple app in this list that you can use to track TV series easily. It offers a very simple interface having two sections only. Here you have to do everything manually. The two sections in this app are “WATCH” and “ARCHIVE”. In the “WATCH” section, you can add the TV shows that you are watching. And when a TV show, completes, you can simply move that to “ARCHIVE” section. The has a very simple interface. To add a show, simply tap on the “+” icon and then add a TV show by specifying the show name, season, and the episode number. And it will place a reminder in front of the TV shows that you have added. You can simply keep changing the number of episodes and season number easily. And when a shows finishes, you can simply move it to archive. You can see the screenshot of this app above.


My TV free tv shows tracker app

My TV is another simple app to track TV shows. You can think of this app as an enhanced version of the above app. Here you can search a TV series and then add that to your watch list. The app is quite intelligent, When you finish a show, it automatically moves that to the “Completed” section. And if a TV show has an upcoming season planned, then it will add that to the “Coming Soon” list. You simply add the shows in it by simply searching them and then mark the episode and season that you have watched. After that, you can see the status of a TV show right from the pending section in the app. Additionally, if you want to ignore some TV show for a while, then you can simply move that to “Hidden” section and then later put it back in your pending list. This app also allows you to backup and restore your TV series data locally on your phone.

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Final thoughts

These are the best free TV shows tracker apps that you can use right on your Android phone. All the apps work amazingly to help you keep track of the shows you’ve been watching lately. If you’ll ask me which apps I will use personally, then I will go for My TV, TV Time, and TV Series (probably no because of the ads). But it completely depends on you which app you will use after checking them all out. Also, if you want a simple app then you can go with the Track Show.

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