5 Funny Image Apps For Android

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Here’s a list of 5 funny image apps for Android which you can use to browse the internet for funny images and GIFs from your phone or tablet. Viewing funny images is a favorite pass time of a lot of people spending time online, including yours truly. Looking at images using a web browser on a tablet or a smartphone can be a bit frustrating. That’s why I decided to have a look at what kind of apps exist in the Play Store which can help you browse funny images more easily. Here’s what I found.


I’m starting the list with one of my favorite funny image apps out there, Imgur. It’s the official app released by the very popular image hosting service, Imgur. It’s the most popular and the unoffical offical image host of the news sharing website Reddit.

funny image apps android 1

Those with accounts can also login and leave comments, upload images of their own into the public gallery, exchange private message with other users, basically get a complete community experience. Popular images are “upvoted” to the much sought after frontpage where everyone who browses Imgur can see them. Frontpage has a mix of all kinds of interesting submissions. Use the top left corner menu to filter out only the funny ones if you want.

Get Imgur.

Funny Pics

Funny Pics is similar to Imgur. It also lets you have an account, upload images of your own, upvote, downvote and of course browse a very large gallery of funny images.

funny image apps android 2

Difference between these two funny image apps would be that Funny Pics entirely focuses on funny images. Gallery with a grid layout is the first thing you’re going to see. Tap on an image opens it up fullscreen and gives you access to the voting menu and the comment section. Use the top left corner menu to create an account, login and in the top right corner there’s a find tool for finding images that follow a certain theme.

Get Funny Pics.

Also have a look at Instagetter for Android: Save Images and Videos from Instagram.


A lot of people are hating on 9gag, but if you have enough courage to risk the scrutiny of the internet you should install their Android app, because there’s a lot of good material there for having a few laughs.

funny image apps android 3

Accounts can be created and you can then participate in voting, leave comments, reply to comments left by others and so on. App displays submissions in a list and you just swipe down/up to view them. Note that there’s a mix of all kinds of photos here, but it’s mostly just funny images like the one on the screenshot above.

Get 9GAG.


DamnLOL is another popular website for viewing and sharing funny images and this is its Android app that can be used to more easily browse the website on tablets and smartphones.

funny image apps android 4

On the screen above I have a single image open. When you first run the app you’ll be presented with categories for you to choose from. Available categories include animals, autocorrects, comics, fails, GIFS, memes, text fails, etc. App also lets you submit images of your own.

Get DamnLOL.

Also have a look at Create Funny Images with Your Photos: Face Off Max.


I included this funny image app because it reminded me of both imgur and DamnLOL, a mix between the two basically.

funny image apps android 5

At first launch you’ll see most popular images of the day (in a grid) and at the top there are tabs for switching between categories of funny images. Images can also be uploaded but you’ll need a nickname to do that.

Get MegaLOL.


Like I already mentioned, when it comes to funny image apps the one that’s I like and spend most of my time with is imgur. It’s simple, light and for the most part it works without any major glitches. Let me know which funny image apps you use by leaving a comment in the comment section down below.

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