5 Free Websites To Learn Hip Hop Dance Lessons

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Here is a list of 5 free websites to learn hip hop dance lessons. You can watch various videos and learn the dance moves while sitting at home.

Dance, being such a popular expression as it is, attracts a large chunk of people who wish to be good at it. Dance classes around the world always attract a considerable number of people who want to learn various dance moves. But, there is also a problem with these dance classes. They are very expensive.

Through the course of this article, I intend to find a free alternative for you where you can learn a particular dance style without paying anything. These websites provide you video tutorials to learn some nice hip-hop moves.

The websites reviewed in this article are Hip Hop Dance TV, Learn To Dance, dance to this, Howcast, and metacafe. 

Hip Hop Dance TV:

Hip Hop Dance TV

Hip Hop Dance TV is the website reviewed in this list to learn hip hop dance lessons. The website has multiple video lessons that you can go through without any registration or account. These video lessons have been divided into three different categories: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. You can view the multiple videos in these tabs and start practicing according to your level.

The beginner video tutorials on this website are perfectly appropriate for a newbie. They are elaborate, provide you step by step instructions, and explain every move in detail. Try them out, learn the basic steps and move ahead.

Learn To Dance:

learn hip hop dance

Learn To Dance is another effective website to learn some hip hop moves for free. The website provides video lessons for various dance styles, and I have already included this website in one of my article before. The link given above will directly take you to the section where you can watch video lessons to learn hip hop dance. There, all the video lessons have been separated into different topics. There is separate section for kids, and men. The videos also teach you basic hip hop timing and bounce lessons for beginners to learn.

When you talk about hip hop, there is one name that always stands apart: Michael Jackson. He was one of the biggest inspiration for all the dance lovers around the world. The website makes sure that you get to learn his signature steps, and there is a separate section of videos that show his style of dance moves.

dance to this:

dance to this

dance to this is another comprehensive website that you can go through to learn hip hop dance moves. Not only does it provides lessons for hip hop, but other dance styles have also been included in this website. You can click on the “learn moves” tab to learn various cool hip hop moves.

Apart from the basic moves, the website also provides you dance lessons for particular songs. There is a list of songs on the website for which you can learn the dance moves. Lastly, the website also allows you to showcase your talent by uploading your own videos. You can upload a video of your dance moves by signing up for a free account.



Howcast is the next website in this list where you can learn some nice hip hop dance moves. This website is also a platform for various other things and hip hop dancing is one of them. The link will directly take you the place where you can watch various video tutorials.

Basically, this website provide with a total of 33 videos to learn hip hop dancing. These videos can be viewed one by one according to set order. You can learn basic hip hop steps, learn to dance like particular celebrities, and more. With every video, there are some related videos that teach you a thing or two about hip hop dancing.


learn hip hop dance

The final free website in this article to learn hip hop dance online is metacafe. There are multiple video lessons on this website that you can watch and learn hip hop dance moves. These lessons are all grouped together in one bunch and there are no separate categories. You can only filter videos by Newest and Popular.

The video lessons available on this website explain all the steps one by one and also provide a brief description below it. You can even share these videos on certain social networking platforms and comment on them.

All these above mentioned websites provide with enough video lessons to become a good hip hop dancer, if not great. You can learn all the basics, techniques and go on to become a fine dancer. Try them  out and give us your feedback through comments.

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