5 Free Websites To Learn Dance At Home

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We have compiled a list of 5 free websites to learn dance at home easily. They provide you a good option to stay put at home and learn your favorite moves. Dance is something that almost everyone loves to do irrespective of how they do it. The websites that we have reviewed teach you different dance styles including Belly dancing, Tango, Salsa etc. You can watch multiple videos and a couple of websites also allow you to get in touch with the choreographers.

The free websites to learn dance that we have reviewed are freebellydanceclasses.com, dancetothis.com, learntodance.com, learntodancetango.com, and addicted2salsa.com.

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dancetothis--free websites to learn dance-home page

First in our list of free websites to learn dance is dancetothis.com. You have to start using this website by creating a free account. The website does not focus on teaching any one particular dance style and contains lot more options like leave message for other users, upload your own dance videos. This dance website provides you videos for some basic dance moves, some cool moves, basic technique to follow while dancing etc. There is also a section called dance school where you can learn dance moves of some popular songs. You can also comment on these videos.

Apart from learning dance moves and watching videos you can also upload your own videos. All the users can upload videos of their own dance moves and they can participate in online contests. Other users can watch your video and vote for it.

Check out dancetothis here!


learntodance-free websites to learn dance-home page

Next in queue of free websites to learn dance is learntodance.com. It is a very simple website that provides you dance lessons without any registration. There are lots of tutorial videos for different dance styles like Ballet, Ballroom, Hip Hop, Argentine Tango and many more. You can simply click on the dance style and watch the videos available under it. New videos are also uploaded on the website regularly. One good thing about this website is that it provides text lessons as well. Text lessons for a lot of dance styles are available and more will be available soon.

Check out learntodance here!


freebellydanceclasses-free websites to learn dance-icon

Next website in our list of free websites to learn dance is freebellydanceclasses.com. As the name itself suggests, the website is specifically meant to teach you belly dancing moves. The website contains lots of belly dancing videos, lessons from the choreographer and much more. There is a different section of videos for beginners who are new to belly dancing and want to learn some basic moves first. You can learn the posture, basic belly dancing steps etc. There is also a thing called belly dance vocab. This means the words used in belly dancing for different moves. The website provides you videos of different belly moves, what they are called, and how they are done. This is done to familiarize you with belly dancing.

Moving further, the website shows you different techniques of belly dancing. There are different techniques like veil, saidi in belly dancing and the website teaches you these different techniques. There are videos for them along with descriptions by choreographers. Last, but not the least there are videos for workouts you should do before dancing, diet charts for belly dancers etc.

Check out freebellydanceclasses here!


learntodancetango-free websites to learn dance-categories

learntodancetango is the fourth website in our list of free websites to learn dance. The website specifically teaches you tango dance style. There are over 250 video lessons available on the website for you to access, divided among different categories. These categories are further segregated into sub-categories so that you can get exactly what you want. There are video lessons for beginners, for technical corrections, for different positions & steps and many more. Along with the videos, there are always some comments to make you understand things in a better way. You can also see videos of some performances and learn. The tutorials and videos are very descriptive and choreographers explain everything properly.

Check our learntodancetango here!


addicted2salsa-free websites to learn dance-videos

addicted2salsa is the final website to learn dance at home in our list of free websites to learn dance. The website solely focuses on teaching you salsa moves and there are lots of video tutorials for that. You can learn to perform different salsa styles like Bollywood salsa. There are videos from the latest social salsa performances, apart from the tutorial videos. You can watch them and learn tricks that can be used while performing live.

There are lots of videos available on the website and you can filter them according to your level. There are filters like Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced. You can select any of them, according to your level and start dancing. A very important feature of this website is its light out function. While you are watching a tutorial everything in the background blacks out and all the focus is on the video. You can click the lights out option once you are done.

Check out addicted2salsa here!

All these free websites to learn dance at home aim to provide you an opportunity to learn your favorite dance moves without going anywhere and without spending any money. You can indulge in dancing anytime you want, just with few clicks.

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