5 YouTube Channels To Learn Dance At Home

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Here is a list of 5 YouTube channels that  we have reviewed for you to subscribe, Follow, and Learn to Dance at home easily.

YouTube channels are like a storehouse where multiple videos related to a particular topic or any broad topic are combined and placed together.  YouTube allows its users to create free channels of their own and add videos, tutorials of their choice to it. Other users can browse through the list of all these channels and subscribe the ones that they like.

We have compiled a list of 5 dance channels that users can subscribe to learn to dance. The YouTube channels we have compiled and reviewed are Dance Tutorials LIVE, Breakout Dance, nathaniel 2794, easy2dance, LFX Dancers.

Dance Tutorials LIVE:

YouTube Channels-YouTube Channels-Dance Tutorials live

Dance Tutorials LIVE is a YouTube channel dedicated to teaching hip hop, locking popping dance style. The channel contains lots of videos related to different dance styles (specifically hip hop) and new videos are uploaded on a weekly basis. The choreographers give you a  step by step description of how to do any particular step. The channel also provides you tutorials for dance fitness that you can perform before you start performing your dance moves. You also have the option of making requests to learn a particular dance move or dance style after subscribing to this channel. The channel has a lot of followers and a lot of and a big bunch of tutorial videos.

You can subscribe to Dance Tutorials LIVE from here.

Breakout Dance:

YouTube Channels-YouTube Channels-Breakout Dancer

The second YouTube channel to learn dance, in our list, is Breakout dance. The channel focuses mainly on teaching Street dancing. It is a company of dancers who perform street dancing. There are lot of videos of different street dancing steps and videos of their rehearsals. There are different street dancing moves like splits that you can learn. Professional street dancers come together to make you learn dancing.

You can subscribe to Breakout Dance from here.


YouTube Channels-YouTube Channels-nathaniel2794

Next in the line of YouTube channels to learn to dance is nathaniel2794. This channel has been created by a choreographer who provides some excellent tutorials on Finger tuts. Finger Tuts is a dance style where you do different moves through your fingers. There are some excellent tutorials where the choreographer shows you different finger tut moves and you can follow him at your home. The channel has limited dance videos but all of them are dedicated to this one single dance style and are really very nice.

You can subscribe to nathaniel 2794 from here.


YouTube Channels-YouTube Channels-easy2dance

Moving ahead, the next YouTube channel you can access to learn dance is easy2dance. This channel does not focus on any one particular dance style. Rather the tutorials and videos on this channel teach you some basic usual dancing steps across different dancing styles. The choreographer provides you step by step explanation of all the dance moves. The channel contains large vocabulary of tutorial videos you can easily access. The good thing about this channel is that you get a lot of time to see and perform the steps side by side.

You can subscribe to easy2dance from here.

LFX Dancers:

YouTube Channels-YouTube Channels-LFX Dancers

The final channel to learn to dance in our list is LFX Dancers. This channel contains videos to learn dance forms like bachata, salsa, lyrical etc. LFX is a dance group that specialises in such dance forms and has a channel with an aim to spread their knowledge. The different thing about this dance channel, apart from the dance form, is that it also provides videos from concerts. You can learn dance steps from the tutorials provided in the channel and then watch some videos of live performances by couples and choreographers as well. This channel also has a long list of videos and a long list of subscribers.

You can subscribe to to LFX Dancers from here.

So these were some of the very popular and good YouTube channels to learn to dance at home. They aim to provide you with simple tutorials and time to learn the steps. They teach you different dance styles that you can learn at home just by following the guidelines. This list, of course, is not exhaustive or even the best by any chance. There are tons of Youtube channels out there that help you in learning different dance styles. So, if you have any other favorite Youtube channel to learn dance, do let us know in comments below.

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