5 Aerobics Apps For Android

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Here’s a list of 5 aerobics apps for Android which you can use to learn aerobic exercises, lose weight with said exercises and to get into shape, instead of just spending time in front of the computer or TV, in other words being a couch potato. Not that there’s anything wrong with being a couch potato, if you’re happy being one. If you’re someone who wants to change, then you can probably use all the help that you can get and that’s what the apps that we’re about to talk are for.

Let’s see what we found in Google Play Store.

Aerobic Exercise Videos HD

aerobics apps for Android 1

Aerobic Exercise Videos HD is an aerobics app that has dozens of high quality aerobics exercise videos that you can use during your aerobics workouts.

The app will do a YouTube search and look for mentions of aerobics in the video title. It will then take the videos that it finds and present them to you, see image above. Click on a video you like and start exercising. The only more advanced feature that you get is the favorites list, where you can save all the more interesting videos that you find.

Get Aerobic Exercise Videos HD.

Aerobic Dance Workout

aerobics apps for Android 2

Aerobic Dance Workout focuses on performing aerobic exercises to the sounds of dance music, hence there’s “dance” in the name of this free aerobics workout app.

App works similarly to the previously mentioned Aerobic Exercise Video HD, only when you run it to find aerobics videos it will look for those that use dance music and only offer them for your own workouts.

Get Aerobic Dance Workout.

Aerobic Fitness Workout

aerobics apps for Android 3

Aerobic Fitness Workout offers a completely different approach from the two previously mentioned aerobics apps.

Aerobic Fitness Workout will take you on a 30 day “adventure” where you as the student have to go through almost an hour long aerobic fitness lesson each day. The app promises that upon the completion of the course you’ll be in shape and that you’ll lose weight. Video quality is really good.

Get Aerobic Fitness Workout.

Latin Dance Aerobic Workout

aerobics apps for Android 4

Dances from Latin countries are a decent aerobic exercise on their own, but when combined with actual aerobics we get the winning combination.

Latin Dance Aerobic Workout will present you with aerobics videos where instructors are focusing on combining latin dance moves with aerobics, which might even come in handy if you’re learning latin dances.

Get Latin Dance Aerobic Workout.

Aerobic Exercises Tips

aerobics apps for Android 5

Aerobic Exercises Tips on the other hand will give you a long list of all the basic aerobics “moves” so that you can practice and learn them.

By going through the list you’ll be able to create your own aerobic workouts in no time. These videos are shorter, since they just show you “how to” for that 1 move instead of the entire workout.

Get Aerobic Exercises Tips.


Playing around with the aerobics apps from the list above has been a lot of fun and since they are all great, each in their own way, we can’t pick a winner. You’ll just have to install them all, do aerobics with all of them and then leave comments down below telling us which you thought was the best, but to be honest you can’t go wrong regardless of which aerobics workout app from the list above you select.

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