Norton Power Eraser – Remove Scareware and Rogueware

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Norton Power Eraser is a comprehensive piece of free security software that allows you to remove crimeware for free. Norton Power Eraser completes an incredibly thorough scan of your system, going deep enough that it can find infections and malware that traditional antivirus software is never likely to find.

Norton Power Eraser is especially proficient at detecting the more difficult to detect types of malware, like rogueware and scareware which trick you into unwittingly downloading malicious files to your computer. They usually use fake pop-up alerts to trick you into believing your computer has been infected, forcing you to download files in order to “fix” this fake issue. When you download these files, the malware takes effect.

The simple interface of Norton Power Eraser.

Removing Rogueware and Scareware:

This program however can remove deeply embedded malware for free, ensuring that your computer remains clean of these threats. It is specifically designed to look for threats like those mentioned above, so it knows exactly how to get rid of these threats forever. It deeply scans your entire system and does an excellent job of sweeping away these damaging threats.

It should be used with caution however and only as a last resort as there is a possibility that it can quarantine perfectly innocuous programs by mistake. Norton Power Eraser takes every measure necessary to remove threats from your computer and this could mean that things you don’t want quarantined end up being quarantined anyway.

Before trying out Norton Power Eraser, make sure you have tried to remove malware by using a good free antivirus like Microsoft Security Essentials, or AVG. If that doesn’t works, I would also try to use VIPRE Rescue, or AVG Rescue CD.

It is a powerful piece of software and, as such, its functions are powerful.


If you suspect you have been infected and none of your current antivirus tools are working, then this tool to remove deeply embedded malware for free is exactly the kind of thing you need. There can be side effects however and so it is definitely something that you should only use when there is no other option. Another similar option worth trying is Panda SafeCD.

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