JottiQ: Desktop Client for Jotti Online Virus Scanner

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JottiQ is a free desktop client for Jotti to scan suspicious files with Jotti online virus scanning service. I wrote about Jotti just earlier today, and found this very interesting Jotti desktop client that makes it extremely easy to use Jotti service to scan file.

Before we go further, here is a brief about Jotti:

Jotti is a free online file scanning service where you can upload a file, and Jotti will scan that file with multiple antivirus software for free.

Online version of Jotti is pretty good, but it has a few limitations, like, you can upload one file at a time (of course, you can upload multiple using multiple browser windows), and you can scan only files.

JottiQ, the desktop client for Jotti, takes care of these problems.

(Also check out VirusTotal desktop client, and VirusTotal Chrome plugin).

JottiQ comes with an extremely easy to use interface. To scan a file, you just need to drag and drop it to JottiQ interface. JottiQ also lets you add a context menu entry, so that you can just right click on a file, and choose option to add to JottiQ. You can add more than one file at a time. Once you are done adding files, you can press the icon to start scanning. JottiQ will upload files to Jotti, and will report the results to you. Note: You need to be connected to internet while using this, as the actual scanning is still done by Jotti online malware scanner.

Jotti shows you results of scanning in a summarized format, and you can also click on that to see virus scanning results of each separate antivirus software.


These features make it extremely easy to scan any suspicious file using Jotti.

Frankly speaking, this isn’t really what excited me about this desktop client for Jotti :)

What really excited me is the option to scan running processes. JottiQ comes with a built-in option that you can press to add all the running processes to JottiQ list, and JottiQ will use Jotti to scan all your running processes with various antivirus software. This is a really useful feature as you cannot scan your processes by directly using Jotti online service. Also, JottiQ makes it extremely easy, as you can add all your processes by just pressing a button.

All in all, JottiQ is a very well thought of and well designed software, that can be super useful in many situations. Download JottiQ here.

Note: JottiQ is NOT a replacement for your antivirus software. You can use it to just selectively scan those files that you think might be suspicious and your antivirus is claiming that the file is clean. Also, JottiQ also suffers from the limitation of scanning the files that are less than 20MB in size (this is a limitation imposed by Jotti).

Check out screencast of JottiQ here;

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