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Volumental is a free online 3D scanning service where you can scan objects using depth cameras (Kinect camera for example) after which a 3D model of what was scanned will be created for you to use in 3D designs. Everything that you need is a computer, web browser and a depth camera. 3D scanning app runs entirely from inside the web browser, you just have to install additional Volumental drivers in order to make it work properly. Drivers are for now available for Windows and Mac only.

Example of how a 3D model created with this free online 3D scanning software can be seen on the image down below. It might not seem like much when showed on an image here, but when the model is opened with the viewer on the website, you will be able to “browse” through it. By pressing and holding down left mouse click and right mouse click and then moving your mouse around, you can reposition the view and browse around the model, just like you would the real object from which the model was scanned.

Volumental defualt image

Note that in order to perform these types of 3D scans, you will need to have a special camera called depth camera. It owes it’s name to the fact that distance and movements in front of the camera can be registered and used in order to build-up the appearance of a shape that the camera is looking at.

Key features of Volumental are:

  • Free and simple to use: everything is automated and easy to setup
  • Scans objects as 3D shapes so you can open them in 3D editors
  • Scanned objects are saved as .OBJ geometry definition files
  • Cloud based: save your work online and also access scans of other people
  • Can be used to scan any object, shapes, faces, etc.
  • Works with most modern web browser that are run on either Windows or Mac

Similar software: DraftSight, DoubleCAD XT, LibreCAD.

3D scanning with Volumental requires you to register an account on the website, if you would like use all of the functionality that this free online 3D scanning service has to offer. Here’s a few pointers to help you get started.

How to perform 3D scans online with Volumental: free online 3D scanning service

Open up the Volumental website, links are available down below, and click on the Scan Now button from the toolbar at the top. Once you do that, first you’re gonna see instructions on what you need to install and setup.

Voumental scanning

Like we already mentioned, you need to install drivers and connect your camera. Camera can be a PrimeSense camera or camera that Kinect for Xbox uses, as long as its OpenNI compliant.

Volumental scanned

When you’re done setting up everything, click on Go to start the scan. Created scans are added to your account. This is a before image of the lion statue 3D scan that you can see on the example image, the first one from the top. Click View Model to view it, and download the OBJ file.


Volumental is very easy to use and it does everything as advertised. Note that it’s still in beta you might comes across some rough edges, but everything works just fine for us. Try it for free.

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