Free Software to Automate Tasks and Create Macro: Actions

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Actions is a free software to automate tasks. This includes opening emails, web pages, renaming files and folders, running executables, and more. This is a free software to create macros for tasks.

It can execute as many otherwise tedious jobs with utmost precision; without constant monitoring. Well, it’s really difficult to define the scope of this software considering it can execute just about any regular jobs concerning your personal computer. Here are some examples: bulk copying or moving of files, bulk renaming of files, bulk backing up of files etc.


To give a better picture on this task automation software, think of certain number of actions which you want to perform in a particular order. E.g. you want to copy certain files to a certain location, then you need to rename all of these files and then you want to create duplicates of these files. Some other similar task automation software we reviewed earlier include: Start My Day, Do It Again, and TimeComX.

Without having any knowledge on the programming language you can automate this process with the help of ‘Actions’. Just drag and drop these individual steps on Actions and create a new process. You can save this particular process and reuse this process whenever you want. You could create a shortcut of the process on desktop and access it easily whenever you want.

Yes the range of actions is really worth checking. Actions generally supports 5 categories; they are images, email, files and folders, internet, keyboard and mouse. With ‘Actions’ you can open web pages and download images. We have already mentioned about the file and folder operations like copying, moving and renaming.

To use Actions, you first select the category of task. This will show a list of all possible actions for that category. For example, if you select images, you will get option like Get Image, Resize image, and so on. Then you select one of these actions, and keep adding the actions to form the sequence of steps that you would normally do to accomplish the same task yourself. Once you are done with everything, you can just run that workflow and it will immediately perform those sequence of steps.

You can download Actions here. This page also has a nice video that shows a demo of Actions.

‘Actions’ is not exclusively made for Windows; it’s meant for Mac as well. ‘Actions’ is the one software which can help you with the boring automation works. You might find out new possibilities if you test it yourself. Take a closer look and play with different possibilities, it could surprise you in a major way. I recommend this software to one and all. You can also try DejaClick to create macro for Firefox.

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Works With: Windows, MacOS X

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