Start My Day: Free Software to Automate Tasks

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Start my day is a free task automation software, which allows you to do the every day tasks in an automated manner. You just have to select the programs and the web pages that are to be loaded every time you start your computer and it will do this task automatically. You can add file of .url (web pages), .mp3 (only available format for music) and .exe(software and applications) format. You can customize it according to your needs and can set it to do the tasks on selected days. You can select the days you want this application to run and on other days your computer will not open all these things.

This free task automter is available for Windows 7 & Windows Vista. Versions for Mac and Linux are also expected to be released in near future.

Start my day runs in an amazing way and take charge of starting programs that you have to do daily. Actually, it saves a lot of your time by doing all these things. Other similar software that we reviewed earlier is Do It Again.

Start My Day lets you add applications, web pages and music to its auto load list and it will run all those programs and web pages just after you start your computer. It saves you from going thorough the same way each day to start some specific software and open web pages. You can add things in the list by clicking ADD tab on the upper right side of the application window. You can edit the list any time you want and in any way you want.

This task repeater application is completely customizable. You can set it according to your needs and interests. For example, you want to open Google web page or an Email service provider’s home page at the start of your computer, just click the ADD button and select the program or the web page saved in the .url format.

You can set it according to your needs. In settings tab, you can edit the settings for this application to start. You can select the days on which those selected programs and applications are to be started. It also has an alarm clock, which will remind you of doing all these things. You can clear a list by just clicking the CLEAR ALL button on the upper row.

Over all, this is an amazing application, which is absolutely free. So, you can also get rid of doing the same things again and again by getting a copy of this software, which will cost you nothing.

If you want to record your browsing history and automatically repeat it, you can try Firefox plugin DejaClick.

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