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Update 2022: ChatPast doesn’t exist anymore. You can try out some other alternative to do the same thing.

ChatPast is free web portal to save your chat history when you use popular chat clients. You can access your chat history, chat messages over web, and store them for recovery purpose.

The chat history application will hold your chats and your messages online. You can access them anytime you want and extract them for any document purposes. At the time of writing of this article, ChatPast works with Skype and Windows Live only, but promises to add more chat clients to this list.

ChatPast is a web app that lets you get the most out of these two instant messaging clients by allowing you to synchronize your chat history online. You can also read Free Chat client Pidgin, Gmail Video Chat and Chit Chat Facebook Messenger.


For using this web application, you need to sign up for an account with ChatPast and download a web client provided by it. This web client can be synchronized in a number of ways on your PC, thus you do not need different accounts for different computers. All the systems used by the web client will be synchronized. This means wherever you chat using instant messaging services by Live and Skype they will be stored in ChatPast in your login id. You can save them as your backup or use it as recovery tool for important conversation. Once you have entered your login details in the client, you will be now able to browse your chat logs on the ChatPast website.

Creating account in the ChatPast is not hectic and you require very few important details to enter for creating account. This account is very important because, all your chat history and IMs will be saved in your account for your access. You can access them anywhere by using your internet connection. It is always better to save and back up your important chats for future use, but if you get an application that saves them for you using cloud storage than it is more practical.

Things you can do with ChatPast:


This feature in ChatPast enables you to share your conversation with the friends and family and make them public. The free edition of the web application allows you to share up to five chats. By default, all chat history is strictly private. The application will provide you URL, with which you can make your particular chat public and share wherever you want. Use this URL to email or distribute them on social networking sites. Related to social networking you can also read 5 free Instant Messengers for Facebook. Anyone with the URL will be able to access your particular chat.


The web application’s free edition holds your chats for three months. Thus, your chats and messages will be stored with ChatPast for that much period. Chat data older than that will be deleted.


Storage feature in the ChatPast denotes the space on the servers to use storing your chat history. The storage space for free plan is 0.25 MB. However, it has to be noted that this is not just the number of characters in your conversations. There is ancillary data involved as well. For example, a chat message has a sender, text, and time. In addition, the space required to generate a unique ID to store this message. All of this data counts towards your limit.

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