Free Eye Protection Software To Relax Eyes Every 20 Minutes

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xTheEye is a free eye protection software that will dim the screen brightness for 5 seconds in every 20 minutes. It follows 20-20-20 eye exercise rule, in which you need to take 20 second break in every 20 minutes and have to look at 20-meter distance. This practice helps in avoiding strain that occurs while sitting for long hours in front of your desktop. This is a simple free eye protection software that quietly sits in your system tray and reduces screen brightness every 20 minutes.

xTheEye-dimming screen brightness

Unlike Pause 4 Relax that I reviewed earlier, this free eye protection software comes with the limitation that it does not provide any feature to custom set the timer. It only provides Reset button, which can be used to reset the time. Despite of these limitations, it is a handy utility, as it forces you to relax your eyes, time to time.

Experts advise to take regular breaks at regular intervals while working long on your desktop, to prevent health problems. The objective of these free eye protection utilities and other break reminders is to prevent repetitive stress injuries especially caused to our body and eyes.

How to Use this Eye Protection Software:

xTheEye is a light weight free eye protection software that can be grabbed from the link provided at the end of this article. It takes just a few seconds to install. Soon after installation, this freeware quietly sits in your system tray. The timer begins from that instance itself, where it displays the real-time timer.

Soon after it completes 20 minutes, it dims the brightness of the desktop screen for 5 seconds and distracts you, so that you can look away.

xTheEye-in system tray

As I mentioned earlier, it does not provide any feature to custom set the timer. So, all you can do is simply click the Reset button periodically, from the system tray, to avoid screen dimming in every 20 minutes.

My Verdict For xTheEye:

xTheEye is simple, handy, and light-weighted free eye protection software that restricts you to custom set the timer. I really wish it had an option to custom set time intervals, as well as break time. Despite that, you can give it try and share your feedback in the comments below.

Get xTheEye from here.

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