Prevent Repetitive Stress Injury At Work With Free Break Reminder Tool

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Workrave Portable is a free break reminder tool that lets you prevent repetitive stress injury by providing frequent alerts to take breaks. You can set micro breaks and rest breaks according to your convenience. This free break timer tool tells you that you need a break from your work and relax by performing exercises. It offers you 10 detailed exercises that will be played during rest breaks to reduce and prevent repetitive stress injury.

As the name suggests, this freeware is portable, so you can easily carry the set-up file in your pendrive. It provides you 10 different types of sound alerts that can be played and assigned to different events, offered by this freeware. You can also import *.wav format sound file from your computer to set as sound alert.

Workrave Portable-main interface

This break reminder software provides immensely rich features, even if, the interface of this free rest timer tool is quite tiny. The best part of this free portable tool is that, it does not allow you to access any other application during rest breaks and micro-breaks until you opt to skip or postpone. This free rest timer tool is apt for taking regular breaks while working.

Features Of This Workrave Portable:

  • Free portable break reminder tool that helps to prevent repetitive stress injury at work.
  • Offers you tiny interface.
  • Quietly sits in your system tray.
  • Provides frequent alerts, like: micro-breaks, rest breaks, and restricts your daily limit.
  • Provides you 10 exercises to prevent repetitive stress injury.
  • Offers you exercise player with play/pause, next, and previous buttons
  • Provides 10 different sound alerts and event presets, each.
  • Lets you import WAV file from computer to set as an event alert sound.
  • Lets you customize events and volume.
  • Provides you fully customizable timers.
  • Lets you lock computer during rest breaks.
  • Freezes all the running applications on the system during exercise sessions.
  • Shows detailed statistics of breaks as well as activities.
  • Runs on Windows and GNU/Linux.
  • Can be carried in your pen drives or flash drives.

Set Timers To Prevent Repetitive Stress Injury During Work:

To prevent repetitive stress injury, you can grab this portable tool from the link provided at the end of this article. Soon after downloading you can run the set-up by double-click, which soon sits in your system tray.

Workrave Portable micro break-rest break-excercise

This break timer shows the alert for micro-break on the assigned time and asks you to get ready for a micro-break.

During micro-break, it asks you to relax for a few seconds. You can directly switch to rest break by clicking on the rest break icon located to the left bottom corner and skip micro-break. In case, you don’t want to proceed to rest-break, you can opt to choose actions like skip or postpone.

As soon as the micro-break gets over, rest break begins where it freezes access to all the running applications to strictly focus on rest break. It provides you various types of detailed exercises to prevent repetitive stress injury. During rest break, it provides you an exercise player with play/pause, next, and previous buttons. This you can use to select the type of exercise that you wish to perform to prevent repetitive stress injury at work. In case, you want to access other running programs you have to either click on skip or postpone button, for the same. Not only that, it provides you Lock option which you can use to lock your PC, to avoid unwanted access when you are away from PC.

You can custom set the timer and other preferences, simply by right-clicking the application icon located in your system tray and selecting preferences option from there.

Workrave Portable- preferences

You can then set the time for micro-break, rest break, and set your daily limit. You can also adjust the timers and break prompting options, according to your needs. It lets you enable or disable timers and other options, like: show postpone and show skip buttons.

It provides you various event presets which you choose to assign alerts. This break timer tool provides you 10 sound options, which you can play and assign on events. It enables you to import WAV file from your computer and set as alert sound. It also lets you adjust the volume of the sound as well.

To track your breaks and activities, you can right-click the icon in the system tray and checkout the detailed statistics.

Workrave Portable- statistics of break and activities

It shows the breaks history where it displays natural breaks, breaks skipped, break prompts, repeated prompts, overdue, and a lot more. It gives a detailed history of your activities, like: keystrokes, mouse usage, mouse movements, and many more. It also lets you delete the entire history just by one click.

Also checkout free workout timer tools for your exercise regime, that I’ve reviewed earlier.

My Verdict For Workrave Portable:

Workrave Portable is a feature-rich portable timer software with tiny interface, that I’ve come across. This break timer tool only lacks in creating custom events, which I think is not such a big deal. It is one such timer tool that provides you exercises that can prevent repetitive stress injury at workplace or during hectic working hours, so you can relax time to time.

I’ll definitely suggest you to install this freeware on your computer, as I love taking breaks after regular intervals to avoid stress while working.

Get Workrave Portable from here.

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