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Big Stretch is a completely free reminder app that enables you to set reminders to take regular breaks while working for long hours in front of your PC. The app is primarily designed to take care of your health. A reminder pops up after a particular period of time set by you to remind you to take a break. The message and time between breaks can be set manually. You can also select a sound or a song to play along with the message. The software also allows you to choose from a variety of display options.

This reminder app can prove to be very useful for professionals who are in the field of computers and have to sit in front of PC for long hours. This app works as a health guide which keeps reminding you about taking breaks from time to time. It is different from other reminder apps because the central focus of this app is users health and is more for personal use than professional.

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Big Stretch- Reminder app-interface

How Does This Reminder App Work?

Operating this reminder app is no mystery as it is a very simple to use software and comes with tooltips. After the software is installed, it runs from the system tray of your PC. It has a four step procedure to set the reminder. The initial step is to set the time you want between breaks. After that you can select the kind of display you want for your reminder and set the message you want to be displayed. Balloon reminder, Popup Window, and Micro-break are the options you can choose from. Finally you can select the sound you want to play with your reminder and hit the save and close button.

Big Stretch- Reminder app-display menu

Features Of Big Stretch

  • Manually set the time between breaks
  • Option to choose display for reminder
  • Option to disable desktop while reminder is running
  • Option to set a custom message
  • Set background sound

This reminder app contains a long list of interesting functions and features that make it a very interesting software. One such function that caught my attention is the message option provided in the software. Since it is a health oriented app, an option to set random RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) tip as your reminder. Other then that you can receive motivational quotes or customize your own reminder.

Big Stretch- Reminder app-message menu

Another interesting feature in this app is that you can set a background sound along with the reminder. As the reminder pops out at a set time a sound will also start playing in the background. The idea behind this feature is perfect as music always helps in relaxing. You can select a song of your own choice.

Big Stretch- Reminder app-sounds menu

Final Evaluation

Big Stretch stands apart in its own breed of software due to its interesting and health oriented features. Some of the features really make you feel great. As far as it efficiency is concerned, all the features work perfectly and give you a great experience. If you are out there waiting for a software to remind you of your health, then this is the perfect thing for you.

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