Zen Mind Map 2.0 – The simplest mind map maker, forever free

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Zen Mind Map 2.0 is a free online mind map maker. This web application lets you create mind maps easily within a few clicks.

Creating mind maps prior to beginning a project is very helpful. You trace your plan with all the minute details and follow it. But to make a helpful mind map, you need an effective tool. And Zen mind map 2.0 is one such thing. It has a very minimalistic design and useful features. Therefore, you can create your mind maps easily without any distractions. Moreover, the web app has many other features like making, flowcharts, whiteboards, etc. Zen mind map maker lets you export the files in PNG, JPG, and PDF format. Or, you can share them directly from there.

How to use Zen Mind Map Maker

Breaking the process into steps always makes things easier. So let’s jump to the steps:

Step-1: Go to the website and sign up

Visit the website of Zen Mind Map Maker. When you will reach the website, you would see some infographics showing all the features of the tool. And there are some guides as well. In case you don’t know how to make a flowchart, you can use these guides. There is a “Create a flowchart” button on the home screen. Click that button to go further. The home screen looks like this:

zen mind map maker home

After clicking on the create a flowchart button, you will have to sign up using your email. And after sign-up, the tool is available for you to use.

Step-2: Select the document type and start designing

After signing in, you will be taken to the Documents page. You can create new documents or edit new ones on this page. There is a ‘New Document’ button in the top right corner of the screen. When you click on that button, you will see four different options to create a document. These options are:

  • Flowchart: The website lets you create flowcharts. When you select the flowchart option, you will be taken to the designing page. And the designing page will have all the features to design a flow chart. You can simply drag and drop elements to make the flowchart.
  • Mind Map: This time the design page will contain a template of a mind map, so you can simply edit the places you want. You can add or delete the topic or sub-topic branches. Change the theme and size of the template.
  • Wireframe: This tool also lets you create website and application wireframes too.
  • Whiteboard: There is a whiteboard option to collaborate with others on a project.

Step-3: Design and export

After you select a document type, the design screen will be opened in front of you. And here on this screen, you can create your mind map easily. The design screen looks like this:

zen mind map maker design

After creating a design, you can share it directly using the ‘Share‘ button. And you can also export the design in PNG format. You can share with others as well.


Zen mind map maker is a very effective tool. It has a very minimalistic design. And the features are cool. But there is a limitation of this website, it only has three free trials for you. This means that you can make only three documents, in the free trial. Beyond that, you will have to buy premium.

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