Secure Email Service With End To End Encryption: Tutanota

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It’s true that social networking and instant messaging services are all the rage these days. However, when it comes to proper communication (especially in business environments), nothing trumps Email. And even though there’s a whole barrage of some truly incredible free email services (e.g. Outlook, Gmail) out there, their business model of advertising based revenue means that user data is never truly secure and confidential. In one of my recent blog-posts, I talked about ProtonMail, a powerhouse encrypted and secure email service. It’s pretty great, but can be a little too much for those looking for something a bit simpler.

Well if you’re one amongst the group, Tutanota is just what you need. Easy to use yet feature laden, Tutanota is a secure email service that features end to end encryption for all your email correspondences. Not only that, the email attachments, and even the contacts are encrypted. Intrigued? You know where to get the details, folks!

tutanota in action

How To Use This Secure Email Service With End To End Encryption?

Step 1: Just like any other regular email service, you need to create a free Tutanota account to get started. Creating an account is a fairly routine affair, and can be done via the Sign up option on Tutanota’s homepage. Once logged in, you’ll be directed to the webmail UI. Here’s how it looks like:

tutanota web ui

As illustrated above, Tutanota sports an extremely clean triple column UI. The left pane consists of navigation links to standard email folders (Inbox, Sent etc.), whereas the middle and right panes are reserved for displaying the email messages’ list and the selected email’s contents, respectively. The right corner of the header includes icon based shortcuts for different sub-sections (e.g. Contacts, Settings, and Logout). Below them are standard email action buttons like Reply, Forward, and New email. Pretty simple stuff!

Step 2: To compose an email in Tutanota, click on the New email button to launch the editor. As mentioned in the beginning of the article, all email messages sent from Tutanota are end to end encrypted. This means that email messages sent to “regular” email addresses are encrypted with a sender configured password, while those sent to other Tutanota addresses are encrypted by default. Once you’ve composed the email (and added the attachments, if any) hit the Send button. That’s all there’s to it. See the screenie below:

tutanota email compose

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Closing Thoughts

Email is something that we all use on a near daily basis, for both personal and business correspondences. This means that the security and confidentiality of email messages (and associated information) is of paramount importance. And Tutanota ensures just that. Give it a shot, and it might just become your primary email account. It’s really that good.

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