Free Audio Transcription Service Powered by Whisper AI:

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[Total: 1 Average: 5] is a free audio transcriptions services that you can use for speech to text conversion. It takes an audio file from you along with 2 other parameters and generate the text out of it. For now, there doesn’t seem to be any limit. However, the website is following queuing system. If there are multiple people using the service at the same time, you will have to wait for your turn. It basically follows FCFS scheduling.

Audio transcription is needed often time. Say, you want to convert an audio recording of yours to text or you want to convert Mp3 to text then you will need such tools. There are not so many tools available for that, let alone AI based ones. But the makers of being generous now by providing that kind of service for free. After taking and processing an audio file from you, it returns a VTT, TXT, and SRT files. is based on Whisper, which is one of the creations of Open AI team to create an AI based audio transcription. There are various models available which it works with. You can read more technical aspects about it on its GitHub repository. We have already covered a desktop app based on Whisper AI. And now, in this post, I am introducing to you to which I found yesterday on HN.

Free Audio Transcription Service Powered by Whisper AI

Free Audio Transcription Service Powered by Whisper AI: doesn’t follow any kind of user registration or sign up. Just go to the main homepage and then start using it right away. If there are multiple people using then you will wait in queue. The main UI looks like this where you will upload an audio file and enter the language and model input. Home

After the file has been uploaded, you will have to wait for a few seconds. Depending on the length of the uploaded audio file and your place in the waiting queue, it will take time accordingly. So, just be patient and let it do its work. Waiting in Queue

When it is done, it will show you the final output. All the details about the uploaded file will be displayed there. Along with all this, there are three links to download the generated text files. Two are subtitle files and the third one is TXT file. Click on the TXT file link to see the generated speech to text output by this service. Speech to Text Done

Whenever you need to transcribe an audio file, this is how you will use it. The process is very simple. One of the best use cases of this tool is in generating subtitles for video files. If you want to automatically generate subtitles for a movie or video, you can use this service.

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I am really impressed by the output quality of and if you often use audio transcription services then you must add this one to your list. It does what it says and I am sure the final generated text will require no minimum editing. So, give this a try and let me know what you think about it. Whisper is top of the line audio recognition system in open-source world and I liked the fact that is using it.

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