How to Add Lyrics to Instagram Story?

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The blog post explains how to add lyrics to Instagram story. Instagram has been coming up with new and interesting features. Besides amazing features, Instagram offers cool stickers that allure many Instagram users. One of the stickers lets you add song lyrics to your Instagram stories.

The sticker is called Music sticker. This particular sticker is available in the Instagram story section. By picking up this sticker, you can let your favorite song lyrics float on your phone screen. All you need to create a story, choose Music sticker, select a song from the song library.

As the Instagram story allows you to add a story for 15 seconds so you can select a specific part of a song. And when you post your story, your Instagram followers will listen to the song on your story with floating lyrics.

Adding lyrics on your screen look quite distinctive. Let’s check out how does this Music sticker work on your Instagram stories.

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How to Add Lyrics to Instagram Story?

In order to add lyrics to Instagram story, you need to follow the following ways:

Step 1: Open your Instagram app and tap on the Camera icon located on the top left. This is the icon using which you usually add your stories on Instagram.

Step 2: Create your Instagram story. You can post any photo exists in your phone gallery. You can capture your own photo as well.

select Music sticker to view song library

Step 3: Swipe up the screen to view stickers available on Instagram. As you can see in the image above, there is a sticker in the middle named MUSIC. You can pick Music sticker from here.

select song from the list to add lyrics to your Instagram story

Step 4: Once you tap on the Music sticker, it shows the music library. Here, you can select your favorite song to get lyrics. The songs are not fetched from your phone music gallery. These songs are random which include popular songs, several genres, and moods. You can select any of the songs as per your choice.

Step 5: Once you tap on the song, it shows lyrics of that song on your Instagram story screen. As I mentioned earlier, you can pick a specific part of the song lyrics.

pick a specific part of the song lyrics and change fonts

To do that, you can use a slider located below. Whichever part of the song you want to keep, stop the slider right there. It will then play the song based on the selected part of the song.

Step 6: Above the slider, there are a few options to change the fonts of the lyrics. You can tap on the Aa, A, and other icons.

Step 7: Apart from this, you can change the color of the lyrics. For that, you can tap on the color palette circle icon on the top. As you keep on tapping on the color icon, it will keep on changing the colors of lyrics.

If you want to change the song, you can tap on the icon before the color palette and view the song list to select some other songs. You can drag and drop the lyrics anywhere on the screen.

When you’re done selecting your favorite song lyrics, you can tap on Done and add other elements (text, effect, etc) if required and post this story on your Instagram account.

In brief

Adding lyrics on your Instagram story is pretty easy and fun. It is amazing as Instagram offers you stickers like Music. The best way to add your favorite song lyrics to your Instagram story. By adding filters, effects, changing colors of lyrics and fonts, you can make your Instagram story look more noticeable.

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