How To Create Custom Instagram Story Stickers?

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In this article, I’ll talk about how to create custom Instagram story stickers? You must have used many stickers on Instagram while uploading a story. Undoubtedly, Instagram has a good collection of stickers for stories. But using those Instagram story stickers become limited at once. Have you ever thought how great it would be if you can create custom Instagram story stickers? You can use some symbol and text with a different font to create your custom stickers for Instagram stories.

This blog post covers two different methods to customize your Instagram story sticker. One is with an Android app and another method is based on using websites to get different symbols/icons and font. The final output would be- custom story stickers for your Instagram story to make it more expressive and interesting.

Without wasting time, let’s quickly jump onto these methods.

Method 1: Create Custom Instagram Story Stickers With a Free AnySticker Android App

Step 1: Download AnySticker app, which you can easily find on Play Store. It is available for Android and iPhone. I have covered this app for Android only.

Step 2: After installing AnySticker app, you can open it. You will see an option to Create Sticker, tap on that. Also, you can choose recommendations as shown in the image below.

Use create sticker button

Step 3: Once you tap on Create Sticker, you will see a box in where you can write custom letters. You can add maximum 20 letters to one sticker.

write text for sticker

Step 4: The next step is to change the theme of the sticker if it is required. To change the color theme, you will see 4 different colors (as visible in above image). You can use them to make your sticker look different in every story.

Step 5: How it is possible for us not to use any symbol with custom letters? Symbols bring expression and emotion in our story. This app provides 30 symbols. You can use these symbols by tapping on 3 dots.

When you change the color of the text, the color of symbols changes too, so that the sticker text can match with the symbols you use in your Instagram story.

Step 6: Once you are done with the sticker customization, you can tap on Create Sticker. Now you can either save the sticker in your phone gallery or share directly to the Instagram story.

Created custom story with color theme and symbol

If you save the custom Instagram story sticker in your phone, it will be saved in the form of an image. After that, when you open the Instagram story, you can directly post the sticker from the gallery. In that case, you don’t need to upload any image in the story as the sticker is itself an image now.

To add sticker in the Instagram story directly from AnySticker app, you will see two options. First is to add a background image or video (as you cannot add the sticker to your story without any image/video). The second option lets you close the drafted story on Instagram if there’s any. You can also switch the image if you want to change it.

Thereafter, you are almost done, just tap on Add to the Instagram story and you’re ready to share this sticker.

Select the background

Note: You cannot drag or change the position of the customized sticker in this app. But when you will upload this on the Instagram story, you can place the sticker anywhere.

Step 7: Now the story is ready to share. You can place the sticker anywhere, pinch it to zoom in or out and share it to your Instagram story.

place the sticker anywhere in story

Since Instagram has other elements to make the story expressive like filters, emoticons and other stickers that you may find by sliding up. Although Instagram has enough stickers like Hashtags, countdown sticker, Polls, Mention, Location, etc., but these are limited stickers to add. Using this AnySticker app, you can make your own custom Instagram story stickers.

We’ve also prepared a video demonstration for this method:

Method 2: Make Custom Instagram Story Stickers Without An App

People always find it a good option when they get variety in everything. Using Instagram stickers and a few text styles might make you feel good initially but eventually, it makes you feel bored as it has very limited text styles. Even the app that I have mentioned above has only one font style and 30 stickers only.

To use more symbols and fonts, you can visit various websites. The process to make custom Instagram story stickers with this method is a bit different and indirect but you can get more fonts and more symbols. Let’s check these steps for this method.

Select Some Symbol of Your Choice for Instagram Story Sticker:

There are many websites where you can find symbols. is one of them. Using symbols from this site is easy. Let’s see some steps, how to add symbols from a website to Instagram story.

  • Just visit the symbol site of your choice and whatever the symbol you find appropriate for your Instagram story, you can copy that symbol or icon to a clipboard.
  • Open your Instagram story, add an image or video in order to add the symbol.
  • Once you add the image/video, paste your symbol (that you have copied from the site) on the story. It is as simple as that. symbols

Now the symbol part is done, you need to add custom text with a font of your choice to make your custom Instagram story sticker.

Use Some Website to Find Fonts of Your Choice:

As I mentioned above, Instagram has limited fonts and even the app mentioned in method 1 has only 1 font style. If you are willing to add more fonts, then you can visit some websites which contain different fonts. One such website is Instagram Fonts Generator. We have also covered a list of some best free font downloader websites. Use any website of your choice.

  •  Simply visit the site and then type your text and select the text with any font of your choice. Copy it to the clipboard.
  • Open the same Instagram story that you created for adding the symbol.
  • Paste the text with font style that you have copied from the site.

Custom story with font and symbol

The above image is an example of how I added symbol and custom font to create a custom sticker for the same Instagram story. Thereafter, your story is ready to share on Instagram.

In brief

Posting stories on social media have become a daily dose for this generation. People share their day with their followers and friends. To create an Instagram story, it is very common to use stickers to make a story more attractive. With the help of the aforementioned app and websites, you can create custom Instagram story stickers.

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