5 Traffic Racing Games For Android

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Here’s a list of 5 traffic racing games for Android which are a great way how you can have fun by putting your reflexes to the test. Traffic racing games are, if you haven’t heard of them, games where you drive a car on highways riddled with other cars. Your goal is to cross as many miles as humanly possible without hitting other cars. You can see how such a setting would be more demanding than relative emptiness of racing tracks.

Lets see what kind of games are available.

Traffic Racer

traffic racing games android 1

Traffic Racer is a traffic racing game for Android which comes packed with 33 cars, 5 tracks and 5 game modes.

Available games modes are endless, two-way (2-way traffic makes it more difficult), time trial, police chase and free ride. Game has decent graphics for its size (50MB) and lets the user choose between device tilt steering and screen tap steering.

Get Traffic Racer.

Moto Traffic Race

traffic racing games android 2

Moto Traffic Race changes cars with motorbikes and lets the user race down busy highways using bikes instead of cars.

Gameplay is pretty similar to that of Traffic Racer. Either device tilt or on-screen controls can be used to control the bike. Two modes of play are available, endless one-way or endless two-way (includes 2-way traffic).

Get Moto Traffic Race.

Traffic Racer : Burnout

traffic racing games android 3

While the two previously mentioned games put extra focus on avoiding vehicles, Traffic Racer : Burnout is a traffic racing game that embraces collisions.

It will let you hit cars to cause pile ups, and the bigger a pile up you create the more points you’ll get. Explosions are also desirable. Trucks with flammable loads are an excellent target for great fireworks, just make sure your speed is high enough to cause serious damage.

Get Traffic Racer : Burnout.

Highway Traffic Racer

traffic racing games android 4

Highway Traffic Racer has the most realistic looking graphics out of all the lightweight traffic racing games that I covered. Here we’re back to avoiding collisions and getting as far as possible, as fast as possible without hitting anyone.

Game even offers manual transmission, as in you actually shift gears, which isn’t available in any of the other games I tested. All in all very fun game, although it feels like it could be polished up a bit more.

Get Highway Traffic Racer.

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Asphalt Overdrive

traffic racing games android 5

You could say that I saved the best for last. Asphalt Overdrive is very similar to the previously mentioned traffic racing games, only much, much more advanced.

It’s no wonder that it’s advanced seeing how the same developer that responsible for the very popular Asphalt 8 is also responsible for this game. Goal of the game is to outrun the police on the highway. Default controls use screen swipes to jump between highway lanes. Graphics are very good looking, but note that this means that the game requires a lot of storage space, (over 200MB) and never hardware to run properly.

Get Asphalt Overdrive.


If you have the hardware to run it and are looking for free traffic racing game, then I suggest you have a look at Asphalt Overdrive. Those who aren’t lucky enough to be able to run Overdrive should have a look at Traffic Racer, which is similar, slimmed down traffic racing game for your Android device. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment down below.

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