Add Multiple Countdown Widgets to Home Screen Of Android

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Countdown Widget is a free countdown widget app for Android. You can add countdown widget to home screen of your Android to track how many days are left for any particular event. This countdown widget shows countdown in terms of days only, and not hours / minutes / seconds.

Countdown widget is as simple as it can get. You just need to add widget to home screen of Android and specify date for countdown. You can also add a description for countdown that should be shown, along with number of remaining days.

Countdown Widget

How to Add Countdown Widget To Home Screen Of Android:

Start by downloading countdown widget by using QR code or download link present at the end of this review. Once installed, it will show up in Widgets section of your Android device. Long press on home screen of your device and choose to add this widget. As soon as you do that, you will be able to see a nice circle on the screen with number of days in that. It will also immediately open customization screen for this widget.

Countdown Widget Settings

Start by providing the date for the countdown. For that, it provides a nice date picker (see left side of above screenshot). After that, you can choose to give a title for the countdown widget. You can also choose whether this title will be visible with the widget or not (in case of latter, you will have to click on widget to see the title).

You can also change the color of the widget. You can choose the color of the widget. This is helpful if you are planning to add multiple widgets; so, color will help you in easily distinguishing between them.

countdown widget color

Once done, you can just click on Save icon (located at top right corner of the screen) and this will set the widget on your home screen. You can repeat the same process to add as many widgets as you want.

Now, another interesting feature of Countdown Widget is that you can easily resize it to any size you want. For that, just long press the widget and you will see guidelines on all corners. Just drag them  to any size you want.

Countdown Widget Resize

As the days elapse, you will see the countdown keeps reducing. However, there is no alarm or anything when it becomes zero; you can just see it has become zero now.

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My Opinion About Countdown Widget:

I see that Countdown Widget would be useful in lot of scenario, when you want to keep a track of any upcoming event, birthday, important date, etc. Its main feature is its simplicity; anyone can start using it immediately, without worrying about any complicated settings. And the fact that you can add as many widgets as you want even adds to the usefulness.

Get Countdown Widget here, or just scan the QR code below.

Countdown widget qr code

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