5 Best Quit Smoking Apps For Android Free

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Addiction can ruin someone’s life. Being addicted to a substance or a behavior means you’re not in full control of your life, and that substance/behavior has a control over you.

In this article, we’re going to talk about the top 5 apps to quit smoking addiction.

When you become addicted to smoking, you develop a dependence on cigarette to feel good. When you try to quit, you become irritated and start craving for cigarettes.

Cancer, heart disease, stroke, lung diseases, and diabetes are just some of the many harmful side effects of excessive smoking.

These 5 apps will help you keep track of your progress and will motivate you to quit smoking.

1. Quit Tracker: Stop Smoking

Quit Tracker- Stop Smoking

This app shows the time you’ve been smoke-free, the money you’ve saved, the life you’ve regained, and cigarettes you’ve not smoked.

When signing up for this app, it asks you how many times a day you smoke, what’s the cost of 1 cigarette and how much time you take smoking 1 cigarette. Based on these data, it calculates all the above-mentioned things.

This app also has some tips for quitting smoking.

Not only it shows how much money you’ve saved by not smoking, it gives you the option to spend that money on movie tickets and buying sneakers, which acts as a motivator to stay away from cigarettes.

It also has a diary feature. You can do daily journaling or write up your random thoughts in the diary. It also has a section to write your reasons for quitting smoking. This feature is helpful because when the cravings hit, you can read your reasons for quitting smoking, and it’ll help you fight the cravings to relapse.

Check out this app here.

2. Flamy- Quit Smoking & Become a Non-Smoker

Flamy- Quit Smoking & Become a Non-Smoker

Like the previous app, this app also shows the time you’ve been smoke-free, the number of non-smoked cigarettes, the money saved, and the days recovered because of giving up cigarettes. It also asks the same information during signing up like the previous app.

This app also has a badge feature. It gives you badges/trophies based on how many days you’ve been sober.

It also has some articles about the harmful side effects of smoking and ways to quit it. In addition to that, it has some games and tips to quit smoking in the Help section.

You can also add your cravings in this app. Whenever you’re craving for smoke, you can open this app and input your thoughts into it. It’ll ask how strong is your craving, how are you feeling, what are you doing, and who are you with. This feature is very helpful because it’ll make you realize under what circumstance you get the urges/cravings for smoking.

The key to overcoming any addiction is realizing what are things or under which circumstance you relapse. Once you find out your triggers, it becomes easier to quit any addiction, and this feature helps you in identifying your triggers.

Check out this app here.

3. Quit Smoking- Stop Smoking Counter

Quit Smoking- Stop Smoking Counter

Like the previous apps, this app also shows cigarettes not smoked, non-smoking time, money saved, time saved and life extended because of quitting smoking. In addition to all these, this app also shows tar and nicotine not inhaled.

This app also has a community section, where anyone can post about their journey and struggles about quitting smoking. It has a Health section which shows what benefits you’ll get in how many days/weeks after quitting smoking.

It also has motivation for quitting smoking. Not only that, but it has a lot of images and videos for educating you about the harms of cigarettes and ways for quitting it.

Check out this app here.

4. Stop Smoking- No Smoking Tracker

Stop Smoking- No Smoking Tracker

This is a very basic app. It shows you the time without cigarettes, money and time saved. It has some tips for quitting smoking and has a badge feature.

This app is easy to use and has a good user interface.

If you don’t need many features and just need to know about the time you’ve been sober, time and money saved, go for this app.

Check out the app here.

5. Smoking Log- Stop Smoking

Smoking Log- Stop Smoking

This app is different from all the previously mentioned apps in the sense that it doesn’t have the feature to show you the time you’ve been sober, time or money saved. It’s just a log for you to enter every time you relapse.

Whenever you release, just go to this app and enter the date and time of your relapse, the duration of your smoking session, how strong was the craving, how were you feeling before relapsing, and how satisfied you felt smoking.

You can also add some additional details like who are you with, where are you at, and what are you doing. The goal of this app is not to make you stop smoking, but to make you enter some details before you relapse and smoke cigarettes.

This app can prove beneficial for quitting smoking because you can go back and look at your relapses and analyze the reasons behind them.

It’ll keep the record of your relapses and will show you how many times you’ve relapsed in previous days. It’ll also show you the time and money you’ve wasted on smoking.

Check out this app here.

Who Should Use These Apps?

Anyone who struggles with smoking addiction and wants to quit it, can use any one of the above-mentioned apps. Using an app is not necessary to quit smoking, but they certainly help.

An app acts as an accountability partner, keeps a record of your progress, and also motivates you to quit.

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