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TorChat is a free anonymous instant messenger or you can even call it a chat service  available for Linux, Windows, and Mac. With TorChat you get not only a safe chat client, but also the underlying instant messaging protocol, which is also very secure. Tor is a well-known anonymity network, with a lot of tools available for protecting your identity online while browsing, now with TorChat you can even conduct chat sessions anonymously.

TorChat instant messenger default window

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Image above is a screenshot of the TorChat interface, which is very simple and lightweight. It’s exactly the kind of thing you’d expect from an anonymous instant messenger. TorChat is a portable application, which means that you don’t have to install it, it works right away after you download and run the application.

Key Features of this Free Anonymous Instant Messenger are:

  • Secure and portable instant messenger for anonymous chat sessions.
  • Account information is saved locally in files, no third-party servers.
  • Send files anonymously between chat contacts.
  • Create contact lists and set status as available, away, or extended away.
  • Edit your profile, add nickname, avatar and a text message.

Registration isn’t necessary to use TorChat, as soon as you open up the application your anonymous account is gonna be registered and you can start adding contacts, with which you can then exchange messages. Here’s a few tips to get started.

How to Chat Anonymously with TorChat:

If you’re now wondering how is it that there’s no registration in order to use free anonymous chat service, it’s made possible by the fact that everything will be created automatically and saved in configuration files in the application folder.

TorChat windows open chat active

To add a contact, you will have to ask for the TorChat ID of the other person with whom you plan on conducting anonymous chat sessions. The weird combination of letters and numbers is the ID. Ask the contact that you want to add for this ID. To start a chat right-click on the username of the person who you want to contact and then select Chat. New window is gonna pop-up where you can start chatting safely and anonymously. Account settings are gonna be saved in the application directly, like we already mentioned.

TorChat change profile

To edit your profile, either select Edit Profile from the right-click menu of the tray icon, or from the right-click menu of your username. This will be shown next to your ID. At the bottom of the application you can change your availability.


Those of you who are interested in initiating safe and anonymous chat sessions should take TorChat for a spin. There’s practically no setup at all, it’s portable, which means there’s no installation. It available for Linux, Windows, and Mac, so it doesn’t matter which system you or your contacts are using. This free anonymous instant messenger can be used on all of the major operating systems, for both anonymous instant messaging and also for sending file anonymously. If safe chatting and privacy protection are important for you, then definitely give TorChat a try.

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Works With: Windows, Linux, & Mac
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