Online Multiplayer Addictive Snake Game: Slither

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Slither is a free online multiplayer and addictive snake game in which you represent a snake. You can move the snake around by simply moving your mouse in order to destroy or kill other snakes. To kill an enemy snake, you need to move your snake in such a way that the other snake must collide with his head on your body part. In doing so, if you bang your head in other snake’s body then you will die instantly. The best part is that no matter how big is your snake, you can always defeat much larger snakes than yours.

To grow bigger in size and length, you can either consume the glitters spread across the window or you can kill an enemy snake and consume its remains. Killing an enemy snake and consuming its remains make you grow faster than eating glitters. Similar to other online games such as and Mitos.Is, this game is also very addictive, interesting, and fun to play. It also shows your rank, snakes length, and the global leaderboard with scores of top 10 players.

snake game

How to Play Multiplayer Snake Game Online:

Step 1: Simply go the homepage of Slither to start playing this amazing game. In the input field, enter your nickname and hit the “Play” button. That’s all, you’re in. For better gaming experience, you should keep your mouse on a mousepad with enough space to move it.

Step 2: Initially, your snake will be pretty small in size. You can move it simply by moving your mouse in any direction. It also has the option to boost the speed of your snake by pressing the right-click button simultaneously.

your snake

Step 3: If you want to make your snake bigger in size and length, then simply move it around the window and consume the glitters. The more glitters you consume, the larger your snake becomes, as shown below.

bigger snake

Step 4: You can defeat all the snakes no matter how big they are in size or length. All you need to do is move your snake near the enemy snake and try to make his head collide with your snake’s body. Remember, to kill the enemy snake, it must collide with its head or else you might get yourself killed by banging your head on them.

enemy snake

Step 5: Whenever a snake dies, it leaves behind his remain in the form of glitters. You can consume these glitters to make your snake bigger. The snake grows faster by consuming snake remains, rather than eating glitters.

Step 6: Keep killing enemies and consuming glitters to compete with others and make your snake the biggest. At the top corner of the screen, you will be able to see the global leaderboard with the scores of top 10 players, and also your rank and snake length at the bottom.


My Final Verdict:

Slither is a pretty interesting and addictive multiplayer snake game. Make enemy snakes run into your snake’s body to kill them and consume their remains to become larger. You should watch out carefully while moving your snake, as you will die if the snake’s head collides with enemy snakes. You can even eat the glitters spread across the window to make your snake grow.

Play “Slither” from here.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 48 Average: 4]
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