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[Total: 0 Average: 0], or simply Mitosis is a really awesome Steam game where you play as a cell who has to move around and devour other cells to grow. But as you grow, you become slow and this gives a chance for other cells to absorb you. You can also make your cell split in multiple children cells in order to get smaller and move faster. The game revolves around saving yourself from predator cells while trying to predate, yourself. So in short: Eat, or be eaten!

The game is much more interesting because of the 11 playable modes it offers. You can play it in a free multiplayer environment, deathmatch, capture the flag, team match, etc. Other than that, you can also equip your cell with various helpful equipment and powerups. As you play, you earn experience and level up. You’ll also unlock lots of Steam achievements on the way. To buy in-game stuff, you can also win coins in the game. You can buy cell skins, powerups, equipment, pets, etc.

Mitosis is really fun and it will have you on the edge of your seat trying to save your cell and attack the opponents. So I suggest you buckle up while I give you a tour of this game. If you like multiplayer games on Steam, then make sure you check out Team Fortress 2.

How To play Mitosis


To play Mitosis you need to work both your hands and brains. But before that make sure your mouse is working properly and you can move it around freely. There are 4 main playable modes, the other 7 are based on guild wars, creating rooms, territorial wars, etc. It also has a Team Fortress based playing mode where you move a payload around by feeding it cells. These 7 modes are subjective to the availability other online players joining in. You can select these modes from the main menu.

The 4 modes are:

  • Free For All: You wander around absorbing smaller players and running from bigger players. You can puck up items and coins here too. There is specific objective here, just eat and not get eaten.
  • Random Team: You’ll be placed in a random team with random players where you have to completely devour the opposite team.
  • Deathmatch: No chat and no teams, every cell for himself.
  • Capture the flag: Capture 3 of the opponent flags before they do the same!


Mitosis has a simple gameplay where you start off as a small round cell with a random color. There are various nucleic food on the ground that you can eat to grow larger. You’ll find other players of different sizes. On the ground, you’ll also find various treasure chests where you’ll find coins. Other than the treasure chests, there are experience cells, which give you 10 points of experience when you absorb them. When you get too big, you can tap your left mouse button or W to release small cells to release weight. You can also use the same to feed your teammates to make them bigger. You can also split your cell in two to move faster by holding the left mouse button or holding the Spacebar.

While playing Mitosis, you can chat with other players by hitting T on your keyboard and typing in your message. Tapping F will release your powerup. You can track your position from the leaderboards at the top right.

How to Play Mitosis Better

Previously, I had advised that you need your brains as well as your hands. Make sure you stay out of sight of the other players when you start. When you’re small, you should depend on the nucleic food that you eat from the ground. Once you have grown a considerable amount, make sure you steer away from the corners because it is easy to be trapped by opponents there. When you’re big, make sure to split yourself to move faster. Splitting yourself also helps in sweeping more nucleic food. The team chat feature is really helpful as you can conspire with or friends against other player(s).

How to Buy In-Game Elements using Earned Coins

The coins that you earn can be used to buy pets, equipment, powerups and the skin of your cell. To change the skin of the cell, click on your username at the top right corner of the screen. You will see a page where your stats are displayed along with some options. Click on Choose next to Skin to change your skin for 50 coins.


To buy a pet, click on the ‘plus‘ sign next to Pet at the bottom of the the screen, then in the following page, click on Visit The Store. The pets will vary with different speed and reflexes. Similarly, you can buy equipment by clicking on the equipmeant at the bottom of the page then visiting the store. Different equipment like armors, boots and helmets will enhance the speed, split distance, split mass, etc so you can have an advantage over others.

Other Features of Mitosis

On Mitosis, you can check the leaderboard ranks by clicking Ranks on the main menu. Here, you can also click on Achievements to check out your Steam achievements and their rewards. Click on an achievement you’ve won and click Get Reward to claim it.


You can also win more coins by performing the tasks as shown in the Quest markers at the bottom of the main menu. Friends can be added and chatted with by clicking the Friends tab on top of the main menu. The Friends List will open up from where you can add friends by their usernames.If you have an online friend then click on Invite A Friend to join a game.

Final Words

This free Steam game, as I have aptly titled is incredibly addicting. You can do a lot in this game even though the gameplay is not that complex. Mitosis proves that you don’t need heavy graphics and really complex gameplay to make awesome games. I would’ve awarded it 50 stars but since 5 is the limit, I give it the full score!

Get Mitosis here.

Know a game as addicting as Mitosis? Make sure to share it in the comments!

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