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[Total: 1 Average: 5] is a free online multiplayer survival of the biggest game. In this game, you are depicted as a cell and you have to control and enlarge it. You can enlarge the cell by eating the pellets (known as food) available all over the game platform and by consuming the other cells (players). Other cells can only be consumed if you are bigger than those cells. So the objective of the game is straightforward. Eat as many pellets and cells as you can and be in the game for as long time as you could.

You can play this game as guest or by login in using your Facebook account. Login using Facebook lets you start the game with more mass. So you can decide how you want to play.

The below screen recording shows the pellets and cells that will come when you will start the game. free online multiplayer game

Note: This game is also available for Android and iPhone.

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Play This Free and Addictive Multiple Game:

Before playing this game, you have to take care of a few things:

  • You need to be careful from non-player entities (known as viruses). Viruses have spiky edge and are bigger than cells. If your mass is bigger than a virus and you will come in contact of a virus, your mass is split into smaller cells, and then the danger to be eaten by other cells increases.
  • You can eject some mass by pressing ‘W‘ as hotkey.
  • You can also split your cell in the direction of mouse cursor by pressing the space bar. This can help you in case you want to eat the smaller cell. However, do not do that as split cells won’t merge again.

So now the rules of this game are clear to you. Its time to find out how fit you are or you can be.

Open the homepage of this game and enter your nick name. You also have to select the game type (Teams, Party, Experimental, etc.) and your region. Moreover, you can also configure settings, such as: show/hide mass, enable/disable colors of cells, etc.

adjust settings and enter you nick name to play the game

When you are ready, start the game and control your cell using the mouse. Your cell will go in the direction of your mouse cursor. Be careful from viruses and other cells. Eat more and more pellets to grow your mass and then try to consume other small cells.

grow your cell by eating the pellets and other cells

This will continue till you are in the game. When your game is over, it will show the stats. In stats, you can see the food eaten by you, cells consumed by you, highest mass, leaderboard time, and top position.

Match Results

Conclusion: is really an addictive and fantastic game. It’s full of fun and I like it a lot. Play this game yourself to find out how good you are in this survival of the biggest challenge.

Play game for free.

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