Free Software to Check for Dead Pixels on Monitor

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Here is a list of free software to check for dead pixels on Monitor.

Dead pixels are the defected pixels (mainly detected as black and white dots) that do not perform as they should. If you are worried or have doubt if your computer monitor has dead pixels or not, you can use any of these software to check.

These software mainly cover the desktop screen with red, blue, or green color and help you to identify the dead pixels. The software can’t automatically find dead pixels on the screen, so you have to monitor with your eyes.

Let’s start with the first software to check for dead pixels on monitor.

Dead Pixel Tester

Dead Pixel Tester

Dead Pixel Tester comes with a tiny interface and is very handy to check for dead pixels on the monitor. This portable software lets you change the colors of the whole desktop screen using mouse clicks so that you can detect dead pixels.

It also provides an Exerciser feature. Using that feature, you can open a small box and move it around the desktop screen to find for dead pixels. You can also expand the box up to an extent.

It also lets you set time in ms to automatically change the screen colors. So you don’t have to manually click on your desktop screen and only need to monitor if there are dead pixels on your monitor or not.

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Dead Pixel Locator

Dead Pixel Locator interface

Dead Pixel Locator is another portable dead pixel checker software. It’s interface provides the buttons to choose a color to run the test. 7 buttons are glued with default added colors. However, there are two buttons that you can use to change the colors using the color palette.

Clicking on a particular button will cover the desktop screen with the color associated with that button. If you want, you can also switch the colors using the left and right arrow keys.



Defpix is also portable software to check for dead pixels on the computer screen. Using its tiny interface, you can Start testing, and the whole screen will be covered with red color. You can change the color either using left or right mouse button. Red, blue, green, and white colors will appear when you use mouse clicks.

This is one of the simplest dead pixel checker software that can be handy for you.

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If you want to play with a couple of options to detect dead pixels, then I must say you should download the very first software in this list. Otherwise, rest of the other software also handy enough to help you identify dead pixels on your computer monitor.

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