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Spikko is a free VOIP softphone that gives you a free Israel phone number, and lets you make free calls all over the world to any phone. Spikko is complete free, and no credit card information is required. You can download this softphone to your PC, and start making free calls. It also lets you send free SMS.

Spikko is quite an interesting concept. When you download this free softphone, it gives you a free Israeli cellular phone number that you can use for free. If anyone calls on that phone number, it rings on your Spikko client that you install on your PC.


The best part about Spikko is it lets you make free calls worldwide. When you sign-up for Spikko, it gives you a few free calling minutes that you can use to call any phone number in the world from your computer. As per the FAQ available on the site, you get 2 minutes of cellular call time and 8 minutes of landline call time for free on sign-up.

Now, to get additional free minutes, you need to receive incoming calls on your Israeli phone number. For every minute of incoming call that you receive, you get an extra minute of outgoing call talk time.

If someone calls your Spikko phone number, they pay the same as if they were calling any other Israeli cellular number. No extra cost is required at their end. And at your end, all the incoming calls are completely free, without any limitation (and more calls you get, more few minutes you accumulate).

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Spikko also lets you send Free SMS. However, the text of SMS currently can only be “Please call my Spikkophone”, so that person who receive the SMS can give you a call. And when he/she does, you get free extra minutes.

In terms of softphone, Spikko comes with a very easy to use interface. The interface looks like an actual cellphone, which makes it very intuitive to use it.

Spikko also comes with a free voice mailbox to get voicemail for free.

Download Spikko free. (Note: You need to first create a free account on the website by clicking on “Join Spikko” option, and then you will see download link”.)

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