Send Self Destructing Notes Online That Destroy After Read Once

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NoteDIP is a free online service to create self destroying messages. Using this service, you can send encrypted notes to anyone. When the note has been read the first time, the note will be destroyed, so that the note can’t be read again; not even by the person who created the note or who originally read the note.

NoteDip is completely free, and doesn’t requires any registration. You do not need to download or install anything.

We have reviewed many services to send self-destructing notes, but NoteDip is one of the simplest I have used. To use NoteDip, just create a note, send link to friend to whom you need to send the note, and note will self-destruct after being read once. It can’t get simpler than that.


How to Send Self-Destructing Messages Online with NoteDip:

The image above explains the process at a high level, and that is actually all that is involved.

Go to NoteDIP website. You will see a big textbox in which you can write your note. As you would notice, there is no registration etc. involved. Type any text you want. You can send messages up to 500 characters in length. If you want, you can choose to receive read-receipt of message and even password protect your note.

NoteDIP Create Note

After that, click on “Create Note” button. This will generate a URL that you will need to share with whomever you want to see the note. The website does not have any feature of sending the URL directly from the website, but I didn’t find that as a limitation. You can just copy the link and share using email, IM, Social Media, etc.


When your friend clicks on the URL, he / she would be shown the note. If you had chosen to password protect the note, then he / she will be prompted to enter password first. After that, note will be displayed.

NoteDip See Note

If you had chosen to receive a read-receipt when the note has been read, you will immediately get an email once note is read.

NoteDIP Read Receipt

Once the note has been seen even once, it will not be available any longer. If anyone tries to access that URL again (even if you, or the original recipient of the link), it will show a message that the note has been destroyed.

NoteDIP Self Destruct

Some other online services to send self-destructing notes include: TMWSD, and Destructing Message.

Security of Notes Created on NoteDIP:

If you are using this type of service to create note, then you must be concerned that no one else can see your message, except the intended recipient. NoteDIP takes care of that very nicely. As per the website, it stores notes in its database in an encrypted form, and no one can read the notes; not even administrators of the service. Moreover, notes are destroyed once they have been read. And if a note is not read for 30 days, it is destroyed automatically. Pretty secure, I would say.

Features of NoteDip Secret Notes Service:

  • This service to create self-destructing notes is completely free. No need to even register.
  • You can password protect your notes.
  • Get read-receipt on email once the note has been read.
  • Notes are deleted once they are read.
  • Unread notes are deleted from the server after 30 days of creation.
  • You can send notes up to 500 characters in length.


I am most impressed with NoteDIP because of its simplicity. Anyone can use it. The features like password protection and read-receipt are big plus. The site lacks the feature to send URLs from site directly, but frankly, if I am sending secret note to someone, I would not want the site to know who I am sending it to :)

Check out NoteDIP and send self-destructing messages online.

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