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Roomer is a free hotel room reservation marketplace where you can sell hotel room reservations. People who made hotel room reservations for vacation but then emergency prevented them from going normally have to lose the deposit paid for the room. Roomer on the other hand makes it possible to re-sell reservations that you made to other people, so you can recover at least some of the money that you spent.

A simple schematic how you can sell hotel room reservations with Roomer is shown on the image below. You basically submit your reservation to this free hotel room reservation marketplace after which it verifies that you really have made a reservation with specified hotel. You’ll of course set the price, after which ad get’s posted on the website. Other people find your ad, they book the room, you get money, they get the room reservation and that’s it.

Roomer default image

Of course in reality the process of selling hotel room reservations on Roomer involves account registration, typing in hotel room info, waiting for confirmations and so on.

Key features of Roomer are:

  • Free and simple to setup: everything’s done in just a few mouse clicks
  • Allows you to sell hotel room reservations that you can’t use
  • Offers cheap room reservations that you can buy and save money on
  • Browse room according to location and date of their availability
  • Has additional information next room listings, directions, reviews
  • Takes care of room reservation exchange between the buyer and seller

Roomer isn’t only for those who are looking to sell room reservations, it’s of course also for those that are interested in finding good cheap deals on reservations that other people can’t use but are desperate to get rid of in order to save some of the money spent on it. Here’s few pointers to help you get started.

How to buy and sell hotel room reservations with Roomer:

Open up the Roomer website by following the links down below. Click on Sell in the upper right corner to start the hotel room reservation selling process.

Roomer entering info

Here you’re gonna have to select the state where the reservation was made. Roomer works with United States hotels only. Select city, hotel name, guest name, check in date and so on. Write you email address and wait for email from Roomer telling you that they’ve verified your reservation (that it actually exists) and that it has been posted online.

Roomer selecting room

People looking for rooms can now find your room by opening up Roomer and browsing the listings. If you’re a buyer, clicking on the Book Now button let’s you buy the reservation and after you make the payment it’s gonna be transferred from the seller to you.

If you are on Windows 8, you can try one of these Windows 8 apps to book hotels.


If you’ve made a room reservation but something’s come up and you use it, with Roomer there’s no need for you to lose your money entirely. Someone, somewhere might be looking to book a room in that very same city where you planned on going, and will gladly buy the reservation from you. It’s very easy to setup, and it’s free. You have nothing to lose if you post an ad.

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