Free Online Game to Understand and Stop COVID Transmission

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Germ Science Investigation is a free online game that is designed to help students understand how to stop Covid-19 transmission. The game puts forth 4 missions for students to complete and then ranks the participants according to their score.

You can start playing this game without having to register yourself anywhere. It’s available for free on the internet. The game comprises of 4 missions with various levels. The tasks are simple and teach us a lot about COVID-19 and its transmission. With the help of simple exercises, participants can learn how Covid-19 spreads at such a high pace and how it can be stopped. This game can turn out to be hugely helpful for parents and teachers who want to teach their young ones about COVID-19. Because this game does your work in a fun and interactive way. Children will play the game and learn on their own about the do’s and dont’s of Covid.

How to play Germ Science Investigation

Firstly, visit the website of Germ Science Investigation. After opening the website, you’ll see the home screen.

GSI home

On the home screen, you’ll see some infographics about the game, the Translation button, Zoom button, and Start button. The Translation button lets you translate the game into another language. Languages like English, Portuguese, Italian, etc. are available. The Translation button is located in the top right corner of the screen. The Zoom or Full-screen button is located in the bottom right corner of the screen. Using this button, you can go full screen to play the game.

Start game:

The Start button is located in the middle of the screen. To play the game, you just have to click on the Start button and the game will start. The game has 4 missions. And each mission consists of 4 or 5 levels.  All the levels of a mission have similar tasks for you to complete. All the tasks are simple yet informative. You will learn a lot about Covid-19 transmission and how can we help and teach others to stop it as well.  After completing each task, the game will also give you some information regarding the right answer. At the end of the game, you can see your score and the rank earned by you.

GSI task

All in all, the game is exceptionally simple. I’ve made a list of steps in which this game is to be accessed and played. It is as follows:

  • Visit the Website of GSI.
  • Click on Start Button.
  • Start playing.

That’s it. Easy as peanuts.


Germ Science Investigation is a very effective online game. I liked this game because of its simplicity. It teaches us a lot about Covid-19 transmission. It shows us how easily this virus can spread. That its spreading rate is very high. It shows us reasons for the spreading of Covid-19 and how to stop it through a series of tasks. It is very simple to use and available for free on the internet. You can try this game now. This game can be really helpful for kids who can learn about the Covid-19 problems along with ways to avoid them and solve them.

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