COVID-19 Treatment Dashboard to Check Ongoing Treatments, Clinical Study

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In this blog post, you will find a COVID-19 treatment dashboard to check ongoing treatments, clinical study, and more.

Coronavirus has been spreading for a while now. And we get to hear daily news report with deaths and new recruitment of patients in the hospitals. To be aware of this chronic disease, it is quite necessary to stay up to date with the data and study about Coronavirus disease.

Hence, in this article, you will find a platform named Quiver Quantitative. This is basically a treatment dashboard where you can access the data related to Coronavirus disease. On this platform, you can see ongoing clinical trials, clinical study, and other relevant details. Let’s know more about this dashboard below.

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ongoing clinical trials

COVID-19 Treatment Dashboard to Check Ongoing Treatments, Clinical Study

To access this COVID-19 treatment dashboard, you can visit this platform named Quiver Quantitative. The platform works like a study page where you can check small to big details about the Coronavirus outbreak.

When you visit the website, it shows only ongoing clinical trials along with the clinical study. But if you sign up, you can access more data. In order to sign up, you can create your username and add your email with the password. Thereafter, you can log in.

Now you will find data that can be searched by source and company. To check data by source, you can click on the Select Source and choose the following options.

  • Coronavirus- US Spread
  • Coronavirus- Treatments
  • FDA
  • Glassdoor
  • Predict It- Climate change (Political Beta, Recession)
  • US patient Office
  • Twitter

coronavirus reports by state

If you want to know the data by these sources, you can select any of the sources and hit the Search button. In the report, you will find data where you can see the presence of Coronavirus in the US or other states, ongoing clinical trials on a map and titles to read the clinical study in detail.

For the treatments, you can read the detailed studies available on this platform. It shows the report from the early phase 1 to the current phase 4. You can also download the data in CSV format if required.

Apart from this, you can check the map to see Coronavirus deaths per capita, real-time portfolio heatmap, R/WSB, and air pollution.

In brief

This COVID-19 treatment dashboard shows reports about Coronavirus in detail. You can read the clinical study based on different topics of Coronavirus. Besides that, you can find the number of deaths, positive tests, total tests, and other relevant information. You can also check this COVID-19 dashboard to check the ongoing treatments and clinical studies.

See the COVID-19 dashboard here.

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