Free Online Collaborative Short Story Writing Tool: Writing.Social

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Writing.Social is a free online story writing tool. This website aims at developing daily writing habit in its users. And it uses, weekly prompts and daily goals for that purpose.

Most of the aspiring writers don’t usually have the habit of writing every day. And they are always in search of the right tool, which helps them earn this routine. But finding the right tool is never easy. So, today I have an online tool which can attract writers. Writers.Social posts a new story prompt each week. And writers will be able to write one page a day on the prompt. Writers can also read and vote for the pages written by other writers. So it is also an in-built story reader for you. And the page with the most votes will be shown in the books for good.

How to use Writing.Social

Let’s remove our writing block using this tool. Follow these simple steps:

Step-1: Visit the website and understand the prompt

First, visit the website of Writing.Social. There you will see a countdown timer at the top of the screen. This timer displays the time left for submitting the page of the day. And under the timer there is some text explaining the tool. Thereafter, you will see a prompt on the screen. The home screen looks like this:

writing social home

So, read the prompt carefully and understand it. You have to write your page on this prompt.

Step-2: Write a page according to the day or page number.

This is a collaborative writing platform. It means that each writer must extend the story from where the other writer left off. Hence, a story is the result of the collaborative efforts of the writers. You can also submit your page for the prompt. And your contribution will be far more significant if you write and upload your page according to the day or page number.

Let’s make this easy with an example. If you are writing for Page 2, then read some submissions for Page 1. And extend the story of the page you liked the most. So that, your submission doesn’t look irrelevant. And after the submission, your written piece will look like this:

writing social submission

Other rules and Guidelines:

There are a few other features and rules of this website:

  • Read other writers: You can read the submissions of other writers as well. And this feature makes this website a story reading website as well.
  • Word limit: There is a lower limit of 100 words and an upper limit of 1000 words. So you have to write between 100-1000, words in order to make your page eligible to upload. Any written piece under 100 words or over 1000 words will not be accepted.
  • One Page a day: One user can submit only one page a day. But you can always overpass this rule using some tricks and tools, you already know.


Writing.Social is a useful tool for newbie writers. Most of the beginner writers, can not write daily due to whatever reasons. So this website can come in handy for all these writers. One negative thing about this website is that there is no way to claim the ownership of your content. You just enter your name and that’s it. Also, there is only one prompt per week. More prompt could’ve been better. Except for this, everything else is good. And it is free.

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