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Arthur is an interactive website for kids that can turns learning into a fun filled experience for children. It offers lots of interesting games, videos, comic stories, and other activities for your little champions. There are various activities for grownups (Parents and Teachers) as well, which can be used to teach your ward in a manner that both could enjoy. This website is a part of PBS Kids, so you can feel confident about quality and suitability of the content.

There are several avatars, each having many games, activities, and printables to help children grow their skills in literature, coloring, dancing, fashion, etc. Along with that, you have one completely dedicated section for health awareness as well.

arthur home

The website belongs to children’s TV series: Arthur, which has been on air for more than a decade, in US and Canada. The website uses its characters to develop the activities. Most of these activities are for children in the early school days, but it won’t be surprising even if adolescents could also use this interactive website for learning  (while testing the website, I fell in love with the games so much, that a couple of my peers had to pull me away from this ;)).

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Features of Arthur Website for Kids:

This interactive website basically offers five categories for children: Friends, Games, Video, Prints, and Clubs. One separate section for health is also there.

You have the direct link to some activities from the homepage (to land on homepage, follow the link available at the end of this review) of the website, but to be able to see all that this website has to offer, you should surf the website according to categories:


This category introduces you to all characters in the series, and they say a witty line when you hover your mouse over them. You can click on the character to open their related activities, stories, and games. This category might interest only those, who follow the cartoon series.

arthur friends


Children will have the real fun here. There are almost 35 games listed here. Most of them are very gripping like, “Dream On” and “Crank it up”. There are many quiz games that ask about the TV series.

Games that impressed me most are “LunchoMeter” and “Buster Baxter, Lung Defender”. Lunch-o-Meter creates awareness about the nutrition content of different foods. While, “Buster Baxter, Lung Defender” tell you about the Triggers of Asthma.


You can check out the episodes of Arthur series in this category. These videos are restricted to viewers from United States and its territories only.


This one is for Parents and Teachers. If you are one of those, you definitely need to make at least one visit. This category contains a good range of printable contents that can be used to teach dancing, drawing, and coloring, etc.

arthur prints

There are printing activities to play cards, make appreciation certificates, party hats, and bookmarks, etc. You can also create and print your own comic here.


There are three clubs in this category: Dance Club, Poetry Club, and Fashion Club.

Dance Club shows a character doing some simple dancing steps, from whom you can learn. You can change between the two characters. Both of them have different dancing steps. Poetry Club gives you option of sharing your own poems and you can read the poems written by others as well. Definitely, it offer a lot to learn for kids interested in literature.

Fashion Club allows you to modify dresses of different characters. You can choose the characters on your own. You are then allowed to change color of the dress and then you can add some decorations on them as well. You can control the size and color of the decorations as well.

Arthur family Health

This section of the website certainly deserves a visit. It has got tutorials, games and, activities, for children and grownups both. They are all very well categorized. Asthma and Food Allergy are covered very effectively in this section. Some of the games are also very interesting. Still, there is a lot more that could be added to this section. I would personally prefer the other health websites for kids.

Final Verdict

This site is all fun and not hassles. This is certainly amongst the best interactive kids websites, I have ever seen. Arthur Family Health covers very limited topics. I wish they enrich it further. However, they cover every topic well, and in a way that kids will love to explore.

It would have been even better if the videos are allowed to viewers from outside United states and its territories as well.

I’d recommend this website to all children, teachers and parents.

Go to Arthur Home.

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