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RelationBook is a free online service which will connect to your Facebook account, scan your friends and then sort them out based on their relationship status. This web service is completely free and you can use it to save time and see only those friends of yours which are available for a relationship, and not waste time pining for someone who ends up being in a long term relationship or worse, married.

RelationBook default image

In order for RelationBook to do its thing, you’re gonna have to connect your Facebook account and grant it access to your private information. Once you do that, you’ll be able to access the application like you can see on the image above. Your screen will be populated with your Facebook friends, after which you will be able to see on the left sidebar the names of your friends sorted in 10 different groups:

  • Single
  • Married
  • In A Relationship
  • It’s Complicated
  • Engaged
  • In An Open Relationship
  • Divorced
  • Widowed
  • Not Listed
  • Separated

The last group isn’t really a relationship status, but it will help you weed out those who don’t have relationship status clearly set in their Facebook profile. Before you start doing anything you’re gonna have to setup your RelationBook account, which is just few clicks away.

Facebook relationship status checking with RelationBook

When you open up the RelationBook web page, you will be greeted with a screen where you are immediately offered to connect to RelationBook with your Facebook account.

RelationBook signing in

Clicking on the big blue Get Started button will prompt up the usual Facebook login screen where you will have to enter your email and password, or if you are already logged in with Facebook you will just gonna have to grant the RelationBook access to your account and to your information.

In order for the RelationBook application to see which one of your contacts are in a relationship or which ones aren’t, it will need to have pretty much complete access to your account, so if you’re not comfortable giving third part apps account access you should not use RelationBook. Developers of RelationBook can be trusted and you shouldn’t have any problems with allowing them access to your account.

RelationBook filtering friends

Your friends will be divided into previously mentioned groups, and in order to narrow down the search for that special someone of yours you can either use the search or you can use filters. Both ways are very effective, for search simply enter the name of the person from your friend list whom you want to look up and hit enter.

With filters you can isolate several individuals at once, single friends or just those who have set their status to the famous “It’s complicated” if you want to win them over from their current partners.


RelationBook is a great way of how you can easily find out which one of your Facebook friends is in a relationship, and which ones are single. Service is completely free, and very simple to use, if you have a lot of friends, you can use RelationBook to find out which ones exactly are available, which ones you can hit on, best of luck.

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