Musical Mastery The Piano: Free Virtual Piano And Virtual Synthesizer

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Musical Mastery The Piano is a free virtual piano and music synthesizer widget for Windows. It allows you to use the keys of your keyboard as the keys of piano, and it comes packed with various different features which can be found in actual synthesizers and pianos like for example loops, chords, sound banks, etc.

Free virtual Piano

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Above is the screenshot of this free virtual Piano. As you can see, we didn’t lie when we said that it’s very feature rich. The piano keys can be activated by hovering your mouse over, next to of course the keyboard. Above the piano keys, you’re gonna see controls for changing everything from chords, sound banks to loops and tempos. Controls above helps you to activate or deactivate keyboard, notes, metronome and various other musical aids.

Key Features of this Free Virtual Piano for Windows:

  • Fully featured virtual piano, play piano with your keyboard.
  • Drums are also supported, change keys to play drums.
  • Activate notes to help with learning the keys.
  • Plays loops as well as songs while you play the piano.
  • Change chords, tempo, bass, and several other settings.
  • Small and very lightweight application, less than 1MB in size.

Musical Mastery The Piano is a Flash application – to use it you need to have Flash installed on your computer. It can also be used on the main website of the developer, check the download link below. Desktop version of this free virtual piano for Windows is basically a widget that opens the Flash application. This widget also comes with built-in desktop search, which can be seen below the virtual synthesizer in the image above.

How to Use Musical Mastery The Piano?

To start playing this virtual synthesizer, you just need to download and install Musical Mastery The Piano on your system. After you run it, you can start playing right away by using the alphabetic characters of your keyboard.

Musical Mastery The Piano notes activated

It might take some time before you get a hang of how to play properly, but be patient. Something that’s gonna help would be to activate Notes. This will show each piano key with its corresponding keyboard key (the bottom ones in the image above), as well as actual musical note that each key represents. Other things that you might want to try and play with would be the loops.

Musical Mastery The Piano playing with loops

As the loop is playing, the waveform indicator at the top will blink, it will also respond when you’re playing using your keyboard. Clicking on Drums, Chords, or any other option from the controls above will change the default piano synthesizer to something else, a virtual organ for example.

Musical Mastery The Piano virtual organ


Musical Master The Piano offers a great way to turn your Windows PC into a virtual piano. It’s an easy way to get familiar with the basics of synthesizers. It’s very small, easy to install and free. Download and try it out absolutely free.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 6 Average: 3.3]
Works With: Windows
Free/Paid: Free

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