Compulsive: Free iPhone Game To Match Same Colored Tiles

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Compulsive is a free iPhone arcade game in which you have to match tiles of same colors. The concept of the game looks simple but its quite interesting and entertaining, once you start playing it. The game has 4 modes to play including multiplayer mode. In multiplayer mode, you can play against your Facebook, Google, and Game Center friends. The game has a beautiful interface with lively looking colors attracting you to play the game. All the four modes are interesting in their own way and will definitely keep you engaged with the game for a long time.

Playing Compulsive

Besides simply matching the same colored tiles, game includes some special moves and combos which help you in getting more points without matching extra tiles. The game is even more fun when played with friends.

Gameplay of Compulsive iPhone Arcade Game:

The gameplay of Compulsive iPhone arcade game is simple. You are provided with a board full of colorful tiles of different tiles. Your aim is to clean up a maximum number of tiles by matching tiles with same color. You need to match at least 4 tiles of same color to match them. The one unique feature of the game is that you can move any tile anywhere on the board but you can put it near only that tile which has the same color. You can match any number of tiles but the minimum number is 4.

Compulsive Gameplay

The game has 4 modes: Arcade, Strategy, Zen, and Multiplayer:

  • Arcade: This is a 60 second mode of the game. You have got 60 seconds to clear as many tiles as you can and thus earn maximum number of points.
  • Strategy: This mode is for testing your strategy and analyzing skills. In this mode, you have got only 30 moves to wipe maximum number of tiles and earn points. Whenever you put any tile at any place, it is considered as 1 move. So, plan your strategies and choose your moves wisely to win the mode.
  • Zen: This mode is locked initially. You can unlock it by either going for paid version or by earning Addiction & High Dosages awards. After getting these rewards, you also need to publish your score on social leaderboard. If you are wondering that how will you get these rewards, then don’t worry, you get these as you continue to play the game.

You can check all the awards earned by you from the Awards option on the home screen of the game. Some of the Awards which you can earn are: Addiction, Obsession, Extended, Max Treatment, Overdose, etc. 

In the screenshot below, you can see the list of awards along with an arrow facing upwards. Tap on it to view your statistics for each of the mode.

Awards and Statistics

Some Tips To Score High In Compulsive iPhone Arcade Game:

  • Try to include maximum number of tiles in a single match.
  • Make different combos such that when you wipe out tiles of one color, the tiles of other colors also gets matched.
  • While playing, you will see a blinking tile on the board. You can drag and drop this blinking tile to match with any colored tiles. This will remove all the tiles of that same color from the board. This move can really help you score big.

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Final Verdict:

Compulsive is a good iPhone arcade game. The game is quite interesting and fun to play. You can enjoy the game best when played online. It is definitely worth playing.

Get Compulsive here.

Editor Ratings:
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Works With: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
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